Making love and feeling on cloud9 together is generally what couples desire. Sex plays a crucial part in your love life. Though, it does not mean that if you only have sex, you truly love someone. It forms a medium to enjoy and make your special one feel happy and lucky to have you. Having sex drives your love life with compassion and bonding making you stronger as a couple. It involves a lot of activities like foreplay, kissing, making love, being wild and many more. But what is more important is to cuddle each other. Especially after sex!

Why cuddling?

As per research and studies, many surveys show that cuddling is an important factor for any couple after sex. Researchers asked 2.4k Canadians about their last sex experience, in which 71% of them confessed that it was very pleasurable. These women were constituting 71% of the total, were the ones who cuddles for about 6-10 minutes after sex. Whereas, the rest 39%, those who cuddle less, claimed to have had nothing special regarding their sexual activities. To all the men out there, make it a point to cuddle your woman as post-sex intimacy. It is a primary factor to make her happy. Cuddling is a part of sexual bonding that gets you closer to your partner both mentally and emotionally. All she wants is, to hug you, lie in your arms and feel you. This creates a powerful emotional bond for those who follow it meticulously. It helps you grow as a strong couple having a healthy relationship.

What makes cuddling important?

Post sex, our bodies (both men and women) are generally outpoured with oxytocin, which is also called the sexual bonding hormone. Women generally feel vulnerable after sex, and the add on of the oxytocin hormones in abundance tends to make them crave more for love and affection. So, spending time in bed for an extra few minutes is a must for your healthy relationship. Cuddling and caressing your woman in bed, makes her feel secured and reassures that you care about her.

Post-sex cuddling, for parents, plays a vital role in their wellness and relationship. With children around, most parents claim to have a drop in their sexual activities and non-sexual affection. Cuddling brings a chance for them to re-kindle their love, be intimate and enhance their bonding. Next time, just cuddle each other and relax. You will see the difference.

What do you learn?

Many guides and tips have pointed out with results saying cuddling is the easiest way to pleasure a woman. Don’t miss this opportunity unless you want to pave way for an upset partner kicking you off the bed. Most men fall asleep immediately after sex, and we suggest you to immediately change your habit. Spend a minimum of 6 minutes, cuddling her, giving sweet compliments, ruffling through her hair or caressing her cheeks. This would make your partner feel happy and she will boost the game for more sex the next time. Keeping yourself awake for the next 10 minutes is not that hard after all. Though sex can knock you out, give yourself a push for a few minutes to make your love of life happy.