Many of us are almost trudging through our 6th month in lockdown, some of us finding our feet with fleeting moments of peace while a bunch of us silently go crazy. No matter your woe, and god knows we’ve had some, I assure you I’m not here to solve it for you Misters. Having said that, undergoing lockdown can be challenging on so many layered levels. Be it finding your ground, missing any kind of social interaction or just wanting a semblance of normalcy back in your lives. Here are some things you can try, to not only enjoy your time at home but also maybe make sure you haven’t forgotten what it is to be human once you are finally permitted to leave the house.

Even amidst home quarantine, many don’t have time for themselves balancing working from home and tending to house chores. Normalise taking a day off. Remember that living at home doesn’t suddenly absolve you of all kinds of stress, anxiety and physical activity.

Conversely, if you are a Mister who truly has a lot of time on their hands, hone some of your creative skills. Revisit a hobby, long-forgotten, like strumming that dusty guitar or reaching out for that paintbox lying right at the bottom of your packed cartons. Also, the internet can take up all the space in our day if we let it. Try to limit your screen time or learn something while you’re connected. If you absolutely can’t help but look at your phone incessantly, at least make good use of it by skimming through the Misters blog or mistersdotin, the Youtube channel. Hahaha!

Being locked down with a partner is a universe in itself. Drawing a redrawing boundaries, giving each other space or having great sex are some of the things you could be concerned about. Make sure to spice it up whenever possible, have a conversation if you don’t feel up to being intimate, spend time without the presence of any kind of technology and in case you argue, attempt to diffuse it quickly.

Even feeling depressed or helpless in the current scenario is real. A lot of research has already been done concerning the human condition under restraints. Although, if you’re reading this, I can assume that you have a steady internet connection, a device through which you can access the website and time to do so. See? That’s already so many things to be truly grateful for. Lend a helping hand whenever the situation permits because it is a pandemic after all and thoughtful gestures towards whomsoever you can manage, go a long way. Take care and stay safe.

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