Just like sex, male fertility is also not discussed unless you are sitting in a Biology classroom, maybe. Less discussion over the subject makes space for myths and grapevines. Millions of men are diagnosed with fertility issues although doctors say that simple lifestyle changes can help reduce the increasing numbers of men suffering from this issue.

There has been one consistent observation that researchers criticize—men shy away from learning about infertility. If you are one of them who shy, this article is for you. Your knowledge about men’s infertility issues is incomplete until you haven’t gone through the facts. Before any fear takes place in your heart, let us tell you that most of the infertility issues can be treated.

Only females require supplements

Through studies, researchers at the University of California found that men who intake minimal folic-acid diet experience a higher rate of chromosomal abnormalities in their sperm. Folic-acid is not known as an essential component of male fertility and is advised to women as a supplement who want to conceive. It also helps in eliminating any certain defects during pregnancy. Coenzyme Q10 is a supplement mostly taken as pills are known to enhance sperm count, quality, and mortality. Do all of these together, and it can surge your fertility and increase your chances as a potential father. The myth we are trying to debunk here is that it’s not just women, but men also require to take supplements such as folic acid for their better chance of pregnancy.

Men are forever fertile irrespective of their age

The human body and its biological functions degrade with age. Fertility is one of them, but there are myths rumored that infertility can never be driven by age in males. They are forever fertile. Let’s bring the fact now; fathers pass four times of genetic mutations to their children as compared to mothers. This simply means that when your semen quality is at its peak, that is the best time to plan for fatherhood. Delaying it can complicate the case, and you must be aware of this.

It’s ok for you to smoke

WHO report claims that about 40% of men smoke tobacco. It can be the cause of first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth leading causes of death among men because of the diseases it can bring. Heart disease, cancer, lower respiratory diseases, stroke, and diabetes are some of them which you will be made aware of; however, infertility is also among them. Smoking increases your infertility by 30%-40%. Even another study suggests that usage of tobacco can be the cause of infertility in about 13% of males. If you are under the impression that it is ok for you to smoke as your partner is the one who has to conceive and nurture the baby during pregnancy, you’re mistaken. If you continue to smoke, you are putting your fatherhood at risk. Is it worth it?

Infertility is not a man’s thing

Male dominance is rooted in society to the extent that many believe men can never be infertile. Medical journals are clear proof that men also have infertility. There is a stupendous amount of cases on male infertility, and they are all loud and clear in presenting the facts.

Please don’t keep your problems to yourself, as we said in the beginning about simple lifestyle change. This can improve your wellbeing, and proper treatment can totally treat any infertility issues. You just need to reach an expert.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP