A massage is a beautiful form of physical pleasure. If done the right way, it helps make a person feel much more alive and attentive. That is where its importance comes in your sex life as well. A good sensual massage and sex go hand in hand, helping you enjoy a blissful and erotic sexual experience. If you have not yet tried to make a steamy massage a part of your sex life, then you are definitely missing out on something!

Although a pre-sex massage might work wonder for both men and women, it works better for women, since it takes longer to arouse a woman than a man. And when it comes to arousing a woman, you can definitely bank on some good massage. But mister, be careful, women are delicate creatures and what massage means to you, doesn’t mean the same to them.

You sure don’t want to crack a bone or two! Also, you need to focus on the sensuous or erogenous points in her body, to help arouse her the right way. In case you are an expert or a novice, here are some tips to help you massage her body the most sensual way, like a pro.

1 Think of massage as sex without penetration:

Don’t consider massage as a step to sex. Consider it as sex itself. Make it that sensual, that erotic. Focus on all the erogenous points in her body, including her vagina and clitoris. During the massage, don’t give her any feeling that you are doing it only for sex, otherwise, it would lose its charm and effect both. Behave like a professional asking her to keep her underwear on, which will be assuring for her. Eventually, you can ask her to take it off, or she herself would, once she gets into the mood for the same.

2 Start with a nice bath:

Helping her soak her muscles, would help them get ready for the massage. You can try to make the bath sensuous by adding some nice essential oils to it. While she soaks herself in the tub, try starting off with a small trailer by gently moving your hands around her shoulders, massaging and caressing her neck, ears and upper portion of her breasts. This would help her body to loosen up and get into the flow.

3 Set the atmosphere:

This one is something you cannot miss. You can’t expect to give someone a sensual massage while sitting on a chair with dirty linen, smelly socks, leftover food around and Metallica playing in the background! The right ambient is as important as the massage itself. The room should be neat and clean, dimly lit, if possible with some nice aromatic candles. The place of the massage could be your bed or a tabletop with a nice clean (preferably white) towel laid on it. Music should be soft, relaxing and sexy like soul music. Don’t use something too relaxing as well, as your aim is not to make her fall asleep!

4 Take the foot first:

If you thought that a good sensual massage started from the back, then you are wrong! Start with her feet since we have thousands of nerve endings in our soles, that stimulate the entire nervous system. First, massage each foot while applying gentle pressure. Once you are done with the foot, slowly move up the calves, to her inner thighs and up to her pelvic region.

You can move your fingers very close to the vagina, but ensure you don’t touch the same. This will help build up anticipation from her end. Then you can go to her back, her shoulders, and once you turn her over facing you, massage her breasts, the area around her navel, and if things look good for both of you, then move slowly to her vagina. You can first massage the area around the vagina and then slowly move to her labia and her clitoris. Use very gentle movements while massaging the same, mainly with your thumb and index finger.

5 Use the right strokes:

The best stroking technique would be, making long gentle movements with your hands along a portion of her body. Your fingers should be together with the thumbs parallel to each other. Ensure that your palms are in full contact with her body. For fleshy areas like the buttock, use the kneading method, just like a baker kneads the dough. Remember to use the right lubricant, to make the massage feel soothing, relaxing and enjoyable.

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