Unlike erectile dysfunction, which is most often of organic origin, premature ejaculation is a behavior, not a disorder. You can learn to control it naturally, primarily through behavioral therapies. Men with premature ejaculation often find it difficult to restrain themselves long enough for their partners to reach orgasm. This sometimes leads to sexual dissatisfaction, tension in the relationship, and feelings of shame or anxiety.

Edging or orgasm control is one of the ways to deal with premature ejaculation. Also known as peaking, teasing, or surfing, it refers to the act of stopping yourself from climaxing right when you are about to come. Thus, edging is similar to the age-old stop-start technique that is highly recommended for coping premature ejaculation.

This technique is also helpful for those who are not experiencing premature ejaculation but want to perform better and enjoy the act longer. Now that you know what exactly is to be done let’s focus on how to master the art.

Take help, edge for better orgasms and last longer naturally.

1.Practice it often: Controlling an orgasm is not an easy task. Those who have tried the pulling out method for contraception know that it’s an adventure on its own. Hence, you’ll have to practice it to get better.

2.Go solo: Practice it alone when masturbating. This will help you identify your cusp correctly.

3.Communicate: If you are trying this with your partner for the first time, tell them about it. It can be frustrating for your partner if you break the rhythm by stopping in between for a few seconds.

4.Continue the foreplay: When you withdraw to edge, don’t lie dead. Caress your partner, maintain the contact, or your partner may lose their stimulation.

5.Breathe slowly: By slowing your breathing when you feel that you are approaching orgasm, you will block the reflex of orgasm. Inhale slowly and deeply, inflating your belly then hold your breath for 2 to 3 seconds. Then slowly exhale. Continue to breathe slowly until you gain complete control.

6.Think of something else: When you pull out to edge, try to distract yourself by thinking of something that has nothing to do with sex, be it work, sports, a TV show, or your studies. By momentarily diverting your attention, you will relax and slow down the action. However, don’t keep thinking about it throughout; you need to pay attention to your partner too.

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