According to a study conducted across the globe with 500 couples, the average duration of intercourse (between penetration and ejaculation) is 5.4 minutes. Do you finish faster, cuddles included?

Quickies are great when they are mutually planned. But if you are finishing too early on each occasion, then it’s a concern. What are the probable reasons? It’s best you understand the problems before your partner assumes that either the sex is bad or you’ve lost interest (well, women are over-thinkers unless you communicate).

We are assuming it’s not your first time. But wait, isn’t that reason enough that you must go on a little more because you understand what your partner wants? If you have enjoyed all-nighters before and see yourself packing up too early now, aren’t you wondering what went wrong? Let’s explore:

1 Lousy Sex: While we like to believe that there is no bad sex, there can be a few disappointing episodes with a new partner. Lack of interest or sex out of obligation in a new relationship can be one of the reasons for finishing too fast.

2 Anxiety: This is also one of the leading causes of premature ejaculation. So if you suffer from anxiety or have been experiencing it lately, there are chances that you are not able to hold for too long.

3 Performance Pressure: You have a perfect partner, and she might have been vocal about her expectations between sheets. Is that making your feel pressurized? Performance pressure, which may be a result of your bragging too, can lead to an early pack-up.

4 Abstinence: Whether you are in a long-distance relationship or love the one-night stands, if there is a long wait, you may finish early in the first session.

5 Bad memories: It is not surprising for men to carry baggage from the past, especially when it concerns sex. Sarcastic comments or criticism from an ex about your performance can also affect your ability to last longer with a new partner.

6 Prostate gland infection: An inflammation or infection in the prostate can also lead to early ejaculation.

Finishing too early than expected or the moment you penetrate can also be the sign of premature ejaculation. It is best to note the symptoms and consult an expert or try natural alternatives to last longer before it is too late (no pun intended).