She texted me saying, 'I am the most unromantic boyfriend in the world.' How rude! It's just a one-month relationship, and she has already concluded how I am. What wrong did I do or say? She asked me if I would like to join her on the Silvassa trip to celebrate New Year, and I replied, saying she can take any of her friends or cousins. It's not that I am shying away to make our relationship formal, but it didn't strike me at that time. She could have told me upfront that she wants to spend some quality time with me ahead of New Year 2020, and I would have happily obliged.

Uff, now what do I do? My friend Harry who is tagged as my group's Shah Rukh Khan (as he is very good at expressing his passion and affection), also agreed with my girlfriend's view and told me to watch some romantic movies to impress my girl. Naah, I'm not going to do that! It's a boring idea to copy the on-screen lovers.

But now, how do I woo my partner and win her back? Well, there can be no full-proof formula as such because it's a heart-to-heart feeling that cannot be measured or planned.

So, here are the ideas I am going to work upon to get rid of the unromantic boyfriend tag:

1) Not going to say sorry for being naive. But I can thank her for making me realize how special she is in my life. A ThankYou greeting card from Archies is not a bad idea! I remember how happy she feels when she reads cool stuff. I know greeting cards are replaced by WhatsApp creative gifs and e-Cards, but my gf is unique. She likes stuff that still connects her to her childhood days.

2) Chocolate cake from Monginis is what she eats when she feels too low. Yes, let me dial the local cake shop and get her favorite cake delivered to her house. Wait, wait! She usually prefers eating sweets in the morning time, so let me get this cake delivered by tomorrow 10 am, before she leaves for the college.

3) Her favorite actor Akshay Kumar's movie Good Newzz is releasing this week, so let me book two tickets in advance and surprise her. Ya, I'm not too fond of Bollywood movies, but I love her. Let her watch the movie, and I will watch her. Won't she find me cute?

4) 'New Year party near me' typed on Google. Her safety is my priority, so let me check the search results and figure out the best place to spend some quality time. I am sure she would cancel the Silvassa trip to be with me to welcome the New Year.

5) Make my relationship status official on Facebook? Hmm, wait, not without her consent. Yes, we are dating, and we both love each other. But I respect her thoughts and privacy as well. So, let me ask her when we meet in college after some days and then take a call.

Well, I am going to try these ideas not only to change her perception towards me but also to express how important she is in my life.