He had promised me to take to India's largest Arts festival the next day. It was already 8 pm, and he hadn't arrived home. I was worried but, at the same time, wasn't interested in sitting idle. I prepared his favorite meals and kept dinner ready. It was 9 pm and got his message on WhatsApp that he had got urgent work to complete as his foreign client cannot wait till Monday, and he would reach home late at night. I got angry and gave really interesting gaalis to that kabab ka haddi (foreign client of his). After fuming for a while, I thought, why should I spoil my dinner date. Let my man come home and taste his delicious meal.

My hubby reached home with a sad, puppy face of failing to keep his promise. He seemed to have mentally prepared himself to tolerate my mood swings. But for a change, I immediately hugged him tightly and said, 'It's okay, I understand.' He pinched himself to realize if what I said was true, and I smiled at him, saying, 'If not this time, let's make it next time. I have no issues. Work is also important'.

He cuddled me back, and we both felt so great. After our romantic dinner, he expressed how disappointed he was when he had to prioritize work over my wish to visit the Arts festival. And I made him comfortable by cuddling and kissing him for a longer period. Yes, we did enjoy great sex that night. Something in me also changed that night. Probably, I became more matured to deal with changes in life.

Ladies out there! Here I am sharing how a simple act of cuddling helped me and my man strengthen our bond: Cuddling improves mood and boosts energy levels. Men like it when they are cuddled because they also feel safe and secured, just like we do.Cuddling can make you feel more attractive to a man because caring is not always a man's responsibility, and they also feel good when they know someone is also there to look after them.Cuddling makes them vulnerable, and they feel lighter to share their feelings and thoughts with you as it is. Cuddling makes them feel a lot happier and makes you sexier.Cuddling can reduce blood pressure levels and reduce the risk of heart-related ailments. Cuddling can make them realize what role or importance they have in your life.

Men even sleep better when they are touched and hugged by their partners. Good quality sleep reduces stress levels and makes them feel more confident in their life.

Cuddling increases the level of intimacy and, thus, helps you get orgasm more quickly, ensuring sexual satisfaction for both the partners. If your partner is suffering from any pain or injury, cuddling can help block pain signals and make him feel at peace. Cuddling can also make your partner remembers his good old childhood memories of being protected by his parents.

Thus, jaadu ki jhappi and pappi can help create wonders for your relationship and sexual health.