Gentlemen, you might have been in your happy marriage for some time now, maybe a couple of years or decades. But, does that mean that fun, romance and flirting should decrease? Do you remember the adrenaline rush that took place inside you due to panic when you needed to impress her in the initial years of your relationship? How you used to find all the cool, romantic, funny words and actions to tease her and make her laugh. It’s evident that with time, you get comfortable in a relationship, and that’s okay, but to keep the excitement on, you should also not forget to flirt with your wife. Here are some relationship hacks and dating tips that can bring back the lost charm in your relationship and make it a happy marriage again.

  1. Never fake it – This is an essential relationship hack of the article. Flirting is an art of making the other person feel important. It’s up to you whether you want to make it simple or enigmatic. But say and do everything with conviction, never pretend or fake your emotions.
  2. Compliment her in public and private – Compliment and appreciation is a great way to show that you care. Complimenting in private is romantic, and expressing your gratitude in public shows that you are proud of her. Both of these gestures show that she’s important to you, and you acknowledge that. A woman is wooed by the fact that her man is proud being with her. She would secretly like you even more.
  3. Caress her arms, waist, and neck – Not all of the touches indicate arousal, and wanting to have sex. You are the man; you know how to touch her to make her feel special gently. Lightly brush her arms, dip your fingertips into her hairs and roll your fingers over her neck and ears, and whisper something naughty while talking to her or walking with her. This is a good gesture to show that you love her. They can sense it very well. You’ll understand it when they have a sweet blush.
  4. Texts and calls – Even though both of you are too busy working, take out time randomly to call or text her and say things that can make her smile. Text her saying, “I miss you” or “I never realized this, but I hate eating outside alone,” or “I like the sandwiches you make and would prefer eating that every day.”

Flirting can make your marriage happy and intense. No matter how long you have been together, flirt with your wife and make her feel special every day because her world revolves around you.

Misters, please don’t forget to flirt with your wife