“Cheating” -- an inauspicious word for couples, curse for happy marriage life and leaves a negative impact on the couple’s children. Be it a man, or a woman, the person getting cheated shatters and breaks down emotionally. In this article, we will go through some of the most common reasons for a woman to cheat on her partner. It will just serve as a lookbook for men who feel they are or might be cheated by their wives or girlfriends.

Loneliness – When a woman cheats, she lacks something in the relationship. Women hate to be lonely. However, Loneliness doesn’t always mean being alone physically. It means to experience the feeling of being left out for a very long time. She then gets attracted to a person who can spend time with her and take care of how she feels.

Remember, a relationship does not fail because one of the partners cheats within the relationship, but an affair arises because the relationship is in a crisis.

Lack of Emotional Connection – Emotional connection plays a very important role for a woman to have a happy marriage. If you do not share the emotional bond with her, she’s very likely to disconnect and cheat with someone whom she can connect with on a deeper level emotionally.

Go out on a date, hold her hands, talk about everything and how life has changed. Try to speak intimately, make her feel relaxed and secured.

Lesser Sense of Value – Appreciation is something that works as a serum for a happy relationship. Never let your woman feel that she holds lesser value or no value at all. She might start to have different opinions and get along with someone who might respect her.

You have a great chance to woo her back and make her feel good about herself by appreciating the way she looks, the way she handles matters, throw a success party at her job promotion, show that you are proud to be with her. No other feeling makes a woman happier than a sense of appreciation but don’t fake it.

Unequal Participation – Due to a hectic and monotonous lifestyle, we forget to appreciate all the great things that our partner does for us to make our life seamless. However busy we might be, we shall always make sure to have equal participation with her at home and work.

Make her a meal, iron her clothes, clean up your mess, give her a massage when she’s home, eat-out whenever you can and let her know you respect her and are always willing to participate equally in making your life a better place.

Poor Sexual Life – Intimacy is one of the most important chapters in the book of a couple. One of the reasons why a woman cheats is that she is sexually dissatisfied. It may be that there has been a lull in love life. This can be a breeding ground for an affair, but it is not a justification. There are many reasons why a couple may have less or no sex some times. The first step to dealing with any such situation in a relationship is to talk about it, instead of backing off and creating distances with your lady.

Revenge – This is a very toxic thing that can entirely break “once happy marriage/relationship.” If you have ever cheated on her and she finds it out, she might break down and try to get revenge by doing the same thing to make you feel worse than what she has felt.

The only relationship hack that can prevent this sickness is that you shouldn’t cheat on her. Supposedly you did, open up, accept your mistake, apologize and make sure you never do that again. If things work out for you, it’s good or leaves the relationship for the well being of both of you.

Cheating is never justified. The feeling of getting cheated is worse. Never turn a blind eye on suspicion. Talk it out and make your relationship better every day, lifelong.

Misters, this is why women cheat