Sexual personality indicates what kind of person you are when it comes to sex. Are you gay, bisexual, or heterosexual? This question is fundamental to understand because sexual preferences have been confusing for a few people, and it impacts the entire life of a person and might damage the associate as well. Here is a 3 step guide to understand your sexual personality.

Understand your inner self

Whenever a person is in self-doubt, yoga and meditation have always come to the rescue. It would help you dig deeper into your sexual personality and reflect who you are as a person. Forget all the social barriers sometimes and try to understand how and what is it that attracts you in a person’s body? What are the physical and emotional traits in a person that make you comfortable? If given a chance, would you explore everything other than your sexual preference?

Gradually, you’ll be able to remove the mist covering your thoughts, and you’ll get the answers if you keep on practicing.

Sexual Labels: Is it even a thing?

The world has gone far more sensible and has created a sense of acceptance to once-taboo sexual preferences other than heterosexuality. Break the boundaries that a preconceived sexual tag has created in your mind. Bisexuality, homosexuality, queer, bi-curious, cisgender, BDSM, submissive are some of the sexual preferences that people have, and these labels are tagged along. Morally and psychologically, this shouldn’t be done. This can mislead a person for a very long time and can destroy lives.

One of my friends who studied in exclusively boys school thought that he was gay for a very long time. Once he went to college and experienced the personality, touch, feel, and warmth of a woman, he discovered a new sexual character inside him. He was attracted to women. He thought it was love with his male best friend earlier in school, which should have been considered only as friendship. It was the label that forced him to think that his sexual preference was with a guy when it was not the case.

Acknowledge your sexual personality

It is a gutsy decision in many parts of the world, but you need to acknowledge your sexual preference. Whatever your sexual character might be, whether it is bisexuality, homosexuality, or heterosexuality, embrace it. You are great as a human, and you have the right to decide for yourself as this is going to make you happy eventually. Do not fake your sexual personality ever, because when you are in bed with another person, they would somehow know in the long run that you are uninterested.

Make yourself happy with your decision. Do not let societal pressure intervene in your choice.

Misters, here is a 3 step guide to explore your sexual personality