Sexual preferences depend on many personality factors. Whether you are loyal, whether you are romantic, whether you enjoy sex or see to it as a duty and other such human behaviour. Listed below, there are some common sexual personality types that you might like to classify yourself into.

  1. The Romantic – Emotional and romantic connection is vital for you to have any physical relationship. You have a passionate sexual preference if you prefer one partner for life rather than one-night stands. The very thought of one-night stands and loners just seeking sex freaks you out.
  2. The Giver – When you consider sharing the enjoyment while having sex, you are the giver. You would want your partner to enjoy as much as you do. You like to trade the intensity and enthusiasm of sex with your partner and would expect the same from her.
  3. The Selfish – For the people with selfish sexual personality, sex is just a way to release the excitement or turmoil. They have sex to release stress only so that they can sleep well. They do not care to enjoy sex with a partner, so for them, masturbation is also an option.
  4. The Explorer – If you like to try new things every time you have sex, you have the sexual preference of an explorer. Role plays, new positions, and new places excite you. Sex to you means an adventure, a source of pleasure and curiosity to know more to make it enjoyable.
  5. The safe player – If you have had a bad experience in the past, you refrain from trying anything new while having sex and like to go with the flow. Sometimes you don’t even want to change positions thinking it’s not very respectful. You like to play safe and see consent from your partner to do something.
  6. The pleasure seeker – Sex is only for a pleasurable activity for you, and nothing else. You do not care to have intimacy and emotional connection with your partner and can have sex with any random person. You do not have the understanding of the gigantic world with different sexual preferences and personalities and find it offensive if something is not according to your convenience.
  7. The philosopher – Sex is a beautiful experience for you; the person is not. You may prefer a pretty looking person to have sex with to convince yourself that external beauty is all that matters.
  8. The thrill-seeker – Thrill is what you seek for in sex. You enjoy sex with your partner and lookout for new challenges physically and emotionally to trigger your inner adrenaline. You can choose to have sex in public or a parking lot as privacy won’t matter to you.
  9. The no matter what – If you look out for sex every time and in every person, or you want to have sex no matter you are tired or busy or sex should be the first thing in the morning, before lunch and after dinner, you have the sexual preference of the prioritizer. You prioritize sex more than anything else. There’s a fine line between being a pervert and prioritizing sex.
What’s your sexual personality?