Tinder, the talk of the century, the most popular dating application among youth. There are very successful relationship stories around the world that kindled on Tinder and carried on for life. Comparatively, more failure stories started with Tinder and ended up in inertia. Then there are the self-proclaimed legends who didn’t even have the opportunity to get a right swipe.

Now that you are here reading this article, we are going to help you by bringing the fact to your face. You are certainly going to get left swiped if –

  1. If you post nudes – not an excellent place to display your amazingly super-hot body. Keep it reserved for the one from your dreams.
  2. If you post pics of famous personalities - Why would a girl swipe you right if you have a display picture of Che Guevara, Tom Hardy or Brad Pitt. Isn’t that the first sign of faking yourself while wanting to meet a person in real?
  3. If you post a pic of your pet – People do love pets. Well, some people don’t, but, specifically, no one is going to date you based on the cuteness of your pet.
  4. If you post the picture of your kid – You have a great kid. Should you post their picture on a platform like Tinder? A big No-No. The reason is that there are worse people out in the world who are eyeing to harm you. Do not expose your kid, and this clearly shows that you are careless. It’s a big turnoff for women.
  5. If you write “here for commitment and no hookups”- We cannot say that this does not attract eyeballs. But, do not post such lines if you don’t mean to. Your intentions will be exposed soon and eventually you’ll end up being single again. The virtual world isn’t real, but the person operating on the other side is.
  6. Also, do not write “here for hookups and no serious relationships.” Sex will happen eventually if you meet the right person and with their consent. You need not show your perverse nature here. You are here to find a person with whom you might want to date later. Do not miss out on the fantastic women personalities by writing bad. It isn’t cool, but it certainly is disrespectful.
  7. Posting your achievements – This is not a LinkedIn dude. You have joined Tinder to explore uncharted romantic territories.
  8. Also do not post a picture of yourself wearing slacks showing off that you participated in a local marathon and came hundred and fifty sevenths. No one cares about it.

The most straightforward rule to get attention is to get a photograph of yourself wearing full clothes and smiling. Mention that you would look forward to knowing the person first and you wish the same for the other person. If you show that you are a gentleman that a woman can rely upon, you’ll get your big date soon enough.

This is why she swiped you left