You might be thinking that sex doesn’t have any rules. That’s right; sex does not and should have any rules. Since we as homo sapiens have been gifted with the ability to have sex whenever we want, shouldn’t there be a standard so that we cannot waste the precious moment we spent with our partner?

With a lot of research by people from their own experiences have been able to tell a lot about the best sex. There are specific unwritten laws that you can follow to enjoy the most along with your partner. Let us know about some of them.

  1. Never try to force yourself on her. Not even a single bit. Sex is the best experience when both of you have a mood and desire. Try to arouse her feelings instead.
  2. Exercise for better performance. The belly shouldn’t come in between you and your partner.
  3. Go for exercises that will make you last longer in bed. Remember, sex is one of the things where the quote “the longer, the better” perfectly suits.
  4. The size of your penis doesn’t matter. You should know how to use it well. So do not go crazy about the size because your woman won’t.
  5. For both men and women, sex, when done out of love, is much better than having random sex. It also increases the chance of STD and guilt for a lifetime.
  6. Women like it when you can talk openly about sex and how to do it properly for maximum satisfaction. Discuss openly with your partner. Instead of trying to prove your manhood on the bed in a wrong manner, it is better to follow her way and let her give you the title you are longing for.
  7. You do not have to look only for intercourse while having sex. Unravel the sexual desire inside a woman slowly by touching in the right parts of her body. Do not get hasty into anything. You’ll enjoy it when it gets wilder after sometimes. Make this a habit.
  8. Remember that sex is a two-way game. It is not something that can be played individually. For the best intimate experience, you should be prepared to satisfy her before. Believe it that she’ll take care of the rest. When your partner is satisfied, you’ll get to know because the moments are priceless.
  9. Sex isn’t a challenge that you need to win. As mentioned earlier, it’s a team game. It’s only well done if both of you have a proper orgasm.
  10. The most critical part of these rules is to win her trust and love. If you cannot perform in bed, that’s fine. You can practice to work it out the next time. But your sexual desires shouldn’t vent out as frustration. It is just an activity, not a war. Earn your woman’s respect and love. This applies to women as well.

Sometimes guidelines make things better.

guidelines that can make sex life better