Sex, done, now what? Shall I randomly get off, shall I watch movies or shall I sleep on the other side of the bed? There are numerous articles, videos, movie scenes and explanation on how to enjoy sex the most. But you’ll seldom find any explanatory stuff on how to behave after having the time of your life.

It is understandable that you get all sweaty and worked up after a good time in bed, but do you know that women like men who handle the after-sex moments as well. You are sure to win the respect of your partner if you still engage yourself after having sex and not letting her off once you are done. Let us discuss how to handle after-sex moments.

Hug her – On and off the bed, hugging is the purest form of gesture to that you can show to someone you love. When done after lovemaking, it adds a unique emotional connection with your partner. It shows you care. A good hug holds a comfortable warmth, a comfort, a peace of mind and a sense of belongingness. Do not fake it; else she’ll know what you’re up to.

Caress you woman’s body - Caressing can be both soothing and complimenting. Caress shows you like her and respects her. It might sometimes mean that you are ready for one more time, but once you master this fondle movement, she’ll understand what you mean.

Kiss her gently – Kiss her gently on the neck and forehead. This shows your immense love for her. She’ll have the feeling of being a princess in your life.

Talk – There are things that you can talk about. Like how well did you do, how well you can do. What did she like the best while having sex this time? This conversation not only shows that you care about her feelings but also gives you a chance to perform better next time according to how she likes it.

Compliment her – This can be considered the best time to show your emotional side by complimenting her about why you are most grateful to have her by your side. Never miss the chance to say those three magical words to her after praising.

Eat, laugh and dance – Well, this can be hectic, but you need to try eating together, laughing and enjoying soft music right after you have sex. Trust me when I say this, but a happy ending doesn’t always mean to have a great orgasm. It also means to spend the time that’ll make you happy together.

Never check your phone, rush to smoke or the bathroom just after having sex. Respect is what she deserves, and compliance is what you want. These are some of the tips that you can follow to handle your after-sex moments, and we guarantee you a happy time you’ll be thankful for later on.

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