It is a big world, and social media has made it much convenient to meet someone from the other side of it. You meet someone in social media or a social gathering, get acquainted, talk about each other’s likes and dislikes and viola; it’s a match. Yes, this is how fast the dating world has gone to. But some things are always precious, old school and it takes time to get better. Yes, guys, we are talking about commitment here.

There is no doubt there that you are among those who chose a convenient option of approaching a girl, well why not. It decreases the chances of getting rejected and embarrassed in public. But this is also true that it is impossible to know everything about a person in the first virtual or real meeting itself.

There are many things that you discuss, your positive side and achievements in life in the first meeting majorly because the plan is to impress the other one. However, you gradually get to know if she’s the person with whom you can spend your life or not.

And if you are here reading this article, it means that you already doubt in your mind. So, to help you, we are going to discuss few behavioural patterns she displays that you might want to check out next time when both of you are together.


She might be less interested in what you have to say. Unlike earlier, you might be trying very hard to gain and maintain her attention towards you. Well, this is not something to bother at first because there might be something that is bothering her, and you can be her hero by talking about and resolving it. But, if this is regular, consider it as a red flag.


She might bring in topics that generally irritates you and would interfere while you talk. This might not be a deliberate action. Be sure to talk about this next time if this happens frivolously.

Non-commitment language

She might discourage the thought when you bring in topics of love and commitment. She might use a language which indicates she isn’t so sure about committing anything with you. You might discuss this openly if you think you have achieved the level of comfort. If not, it’s better to stay out by pushing yourself in her private space and making a fool out of yourself.


They might be very confusing to talk and get along. The woman you have dated the other night was so fun to be with, but today she’s annoying as hell and you both do not have a lot to talk. This is confusing and irritating at the same time. If she sends mixed signals about her personality, make sure you speak before coming down to the decision of not seeing her again.

No name picking

They wouldn’t be calling you by fond labels such as baby, darling, boyfriend and would not want to be called out with fascinating names in public either. It means that she is still open to finding a suitable partner, and you should also be ready to do that.


She might be secretive. Some women tend to talk less until they entirely open up with you. But do not get confused by both of them. They are altogether different personality traits. The previous ones would be busy on their phones, ignore talking to someone they know in front of you and would not give out general details about her life like her education, address, job and other such kinds of stuff.

The latter one tends to open up a little late but would talk about everything in general. You’ll certainly understand the difference between comfort level and ignorance level when you get to meet the kind of women.

These are some essential tips that might help you to find out if the women you are dating is falling for you or do you need to step back and save yourself from heartbreak.

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