Sex can be fun, enriching, satisfying and healthy, unlike any other exercise. Yes, that’s right. Sex is not only something that you need to do to fulfil your sexual desires, but there’s a lot more to it. Ancient Hindu scriptures and texts have mentioned sex as not only an activity of creating a new life but possibly a way to lead a healthy life.

Modern-day science also has proven studies demonstrating sex as a vigorous activity that you can perform. To add a tip, to enjoy maximum and have proper intercourse, you do need to have functional physical fitness as well.

Let us discuss the various health benefits that sex can provide to the human body;

Sex increases the level of fitness

Thrusting and pounding on the bed can be compared to mild exercises like jogging, squatting and planks. You might have experienced that after a reasonable duration of lovemaking, your core, thighs shoulders and triceps muscles tighten up a bit. The lower back muscles also get pumped up to some extent.

Sweating on the bed also leads to burning calories for both the partners. After you have done, you breathe heavily than usual, and your body needs water.

Well, this level of physical tiredness cannot happen to our body until we go for brisk walking or running. The most amazing part of this fitness regimen is that you want to do it more often.

Sex reduces stress

With a busy lifestyle that we have now, mood swings, anxiety, depression, sleep deprivation is common in almost everybody. The important thing is that how well does an individual manages these stressful situations. Sex is undoubtedly a great stress reliever. Sex releases feel-good hormones like endorphins, dopamine and oxytocin after having orgasmic sex.

These hormones make your mood euphoric and give a sense of achievement. This, in turn, leads to a night of good night sleep. Couples who have sex and reach to climax more often are seen to be happier, fearless, less anxious and stress-free that the ones who do not.

#Trivia - To add on, endorphins also serve as pain killers in the body.

Sex brings a child-like radiant glow on the face

Well, this point is debatable but has studies that can prove up to some extent that sex brings radiating glow on your skin and also helps fight acne.

Sex hormones like estrogen progesterone and testosterone release in the right balance with a better blood flow leading to pumping more oxygen in the whole after good sex. This reduces acne brings a natural glow to your skin.

Other significant sex benefits are directly related to various organs. In women, sex can lighten the ease of periods and their cramps. Sexual activities also help in strengthening the core muscles and pelvic muscles which also controls the bladder. This helps in better urination. This exercise also helps in controlling the orgasm and releasing during sex. Sex also reduces the chances of prostate cancer.


Forget about apples; an orgasm a day can also keep the doctor away....

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP

sex has many health benefits