Do you reach the finish line before your partner? But this is definitely one race, where you wish you are the last to finish. Although premature ejaculation (PE) is the most common sexual dysfunction, talking about it still seems taboo, especially for the person experiencing it. You must know that you are not alone and only when you open up about it, you will understand the condition better.

There are several misconceptions about premature ejaculation. Some consider it as a disease, while some assume that PE has made them impotent. None of it is actually. Following are some more myths about premature ejaculation that hold no ground whatsoever.

PE reduces with age and practice - It may help if you have sex multiple times as it may reduce the anxiety you have, but premature ejaculation doesn’t get any better with age. In fact, it remains almost steady till the age of 50 and then it only increases.

You are born with PE  - This is a no-brainer. You don’t come out of the womb with a PE. Studies indicate that genetic factors may contribute to this condition, but it is wrong to say that you were born with it just because you finished to early in a few situations.

PE happens only during sex - There is no ground to this point. Men suffering from premature ejaculation have experienced lack of control even during masturbation.

PE happens to the young and inexperienced - Absolutely not. Research have shown that men after the age 40 can also be affected by premature ejaculation. Also, a lack of sexual experience has no connection with finishing too soon. PE can be situational – you may experience it one partner but may last longer with someone else.

PE happens when the man wants to get done with sex faster - This is a common myth among women and may not be true in all cases. If your partner ejaculates early each time, it could be a case of premature ejaculation.

Viagra is the best medicine for PE - Not really. Viagra has been used for erection problems but it does not help you delay ejaculation. However, there are several other non-invasive methods and treatment that you can use for PE.

PE is a psychological problem - Anxiety and stress are some of the causes for premature ejaculation. But other causes include neurological problems, a hyper thyroid function or inflammation and infection in the prostrate gland.

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