Many men do have issues with sex after divorce. Most may not even want to speak about it. This is poles apart from the general thought process of people, that once divorced, a man can enjoy sex with as many partners as he may wish too, without any liability or problems. Just think about it rationally. If you have had a stomach upset today, can you get back to gorging on your favorite dishes tomorrow? Very unlikely. Neither your mind or your body would be ready for it. The same applies here as well. As per sexual health experts, divorced men are more likely to suffer from low libido and erectile dysfunction (ED) for the following reasons:

1.Excessive Masturbation: Many couples, even towards the end of their marriage, start abstaining from having sex. This leads to men masturbating frequently trying to make up for the loss of sex. Too much masturbation can damage the nerves, making it difficult for them to get an erection during future sexual intercourse. So the best advice given by doctors, in this case, is to abstain from masturbating for a couple of weeks and see if it makes a difference to the erection issues.

2. Stress: A divorce does cause stress, whichever way you see it. Even if you are happy with it, somewhere it does leave an impact on your mind. Also, stress from a divorce could be financial, or legal or simply emotional, like not being able to see your children regularly or missing out on the comfort of having a full family. This stress affects your ability to achieve an erection, leading to erectile dysfunction in many men. The best way to handle this is to practice meditation, yoga or undertake other stress management activities.

3.Watching Porn: As per studies, divorced men do tend to watch a lot of porn, which leads to increased chances of erectile dysfunction. The reasons for watching porn is not only limited to the lack of enough sex or no sex. Many watch porn as it helps relieve stress. But experts say watching porn affects a man’s sexual appetite. It might make it difficult for them to achieve an erection or have an orgasm with a sexual partner.

4. Increased smoking and drinking: Many men during or after their divorce, resort to excessive smoking and drinking, to get away from the stress. Unfortunately, not only are both nicotine and alcohol bad for your health but they also lead to erectile dysfunction. Nicotine ends up narrowing the blood vessels thereby reducing the blood flow to the penis, which results in ED. Alcohol, on the other hand, is a natural depressant and excessive amounts of it decrease sexual desires, thereby making it difficult for a man to achieve an erection.

5. Performance issue: Some men might relate their divorces unknowingly, to not being able to satisfy their spouses sexually. This gives a huge blow to their self-esteem and they come under the pressure to perform with a new partner. This leads to anxiety and stress, making it harder for them to maintain an erection.