Bedtime performance can make or break a man! You might have received appraisals for reaching before time everywhere, except this one place. Here reaching the climax before you would want to, or she would want you to, leaves both of you feeling pretty unhappy and unsatisfied! But like every cloud that has a silver lining, ‘Prolong’, priced at $299, comes as a respite for many longing to last longer in bed.

So what is  Prolong? Prolong is a climax controlling training device. As claimed by the company behind the device, Innovaderma, it’s the world’s only climax control training device that can help you last from three minutes to almost nine minutes in just six weeks of using the same. And the best part? No pills, no numbing sprays, no expensive therapies, no side effects and is approved by the FDA as well! Sounds good right? So let’s see how does Prolong works to prolong your time in between the sheets!

Consisting of a small plastic vibrating cup, lubricant and guidebook, this product is to be used by men for masturbating for a period of six weeks. This works by reducing over sensitivity during sex, thereby empowering men to get better control over the ejaculation. To use this device the right way, one has to follow the step by step instructions which involves applying a small amount of lubricant under the head of the penis and then stimulating the head on the studded side of the vibrating cup. You remove the device just before climaxing to make your body acclimated to ejaculation. You repeat this process for three-times before finally ejaculating. Now you will have to repeat the same three times a week for six weeks to get the final results.

This device follows the principle of the start-stop technique. Just to familiarize you with the same, the start-stop technique helps men suffering from PE, to increase their time in bed. It’s an age-old technique that helps build your control over ejaculation involving masturbating and intercourse as well.

So how effective is Prolong actually? Well, a small scale study conducted on a group of 58 men, found that prolong actually helped in extending the climaxing time of around 61% of the men from as low as forty-eight seconds to almost nine minutes on an average. When asked about the same to sexual experts, most agreed that desensitizing the penis glands was a recognized way of treating premature ejaculation. On one hand, while you’re teaching the patient to get excited, on the other hand, you are teaching him how to control the excitement. Thereby this device helps them to control excitement and decrease stimulation as and when required.

So is it worth the price? For the number of satisfied customers who have used and benefited from the same, the answer is yes. For many others, they might find the price on the higher side when other products like climax spray and stay long gels are available in the market at a much lower cost (can’t vouch for their effectiveness though). For the Indian customers, well although Prolong is not available in India as of yet, it can be purchased online at a whopping cost of almost thirty thousand rupees! So at the end of the day, whether you would want to invest in the device or not, it’s totally a call that you would need to take.