There is not one guy who can boast of always knowing what to do to satisfy a woman in bed fully. Unfortunately, even though all men would like to claim the podium in the first go, the truth is that you can only become better with time, knowledge, and above all, experience.

You, obviously, did not come into the world knowing all the secrets of the perfect lover's manual. Moreover, even if this book existed, most women know that you would not read it and prefer experimenting or finding your way. We assume that you don't have access to this book and so we asked some women to tell you what exactly is it that they like in bed. Go ahead and find out quotes from real women who share what they'd like their men to do.

'I have met a few men who think dirty talk means reciting "Who's your daddy?" or "Let me spank you, naughty woman." I want these men to just eliminate it from their dictionary. I love dirty and sensual talk. Tell me some more sexually exciting things, express your desire and your appreciation of the moment, things that happen', suggests Vaishali.

'Preliminaries are a must, and it's a no-brainer. But regular partners still fail to understand this. Since sex happens every day, they forget to make enough love. I like my man to discover and explore my body, try to discover new erogenous zones other than the breasts, buttocks or genitals', says Preeti.

'I am married, and at times I get tired of routine sex. It is like a memorized play or movie where we both perform identically in a set way. We both know what to expect in the next step and how it will end. I would like a little more interest and spontaneity from my spouse -a different position, or some blindfolding as a surprise, or making out in the car before we burn the sheets at home. It just adds to the excitement', shares Ananya.

'I get bored with plain vanilla. For me, the time in bed should be full of novelty and adventure. Erotic games, subtle dominance and submission, sex in different places, the list is long. I am more than happy to suggest it to my man, but that is only if he doesn't judge my fantasies. The curiosity and adventure have helped me enrich my sex life', says Promita.

'I love cuddle sessions after sex. I hate it if my partner, whether casual or a long term one just turns around and starts snoring. The soft and gentle touch, the warm hugs makes me feel sexually fulfilled', says Ritika.