Hair loss is a complex outcome that is dependent on various factors like hormones, genetics, and nutrition, etc. Here are some popular myths that surround male pattern baldness in men:

Myth 1# Wearing hats lead to baldness in men:

People often believe that wearing hats lead to hair fall. Traction Alopecia condition explains that a lot of stress put on the hair follicle causes the hairline to recede. The common belief is that wearing hats might deprive the scalp of natural nutrition due to loss of oxygen supply to the follicle.

However, the truth is that men rarely wear such hats that are as tight that they would pull the hair follicles to cause hair loss. Also, men do not wear hats for such long spans that they face any massive oxygen loss to the follicle.

Myth 2# Men inherit baldness from the mother’s side of the family:

Popular opinion about pattern baldness and its relation to genetics is often flawed. Men’s genetic pool dictates the hair patterns they fall into; it does not necessarily depend on the mother’s side of the family. The primary baldness gene is on the X chromosome, which men inherit from their mothers, resulting in a widespread myth.

In reality, male pattern baldness could be because of the genes of either side of the family.

Myth 3# When hair comes out with a white bulb, the root is dead:

While hair roots essentially define the health of your hair, they lay well-conserved inside the scalp. Most men believe that if hair strands fall out of their heads with a small white lump at the base, they have lost the hair root.

However, the white lump at the end of the hair is just a part of the hair follicle lining, and it gets continuously replaced naturally.

Myth 4# Bald men are virile:

Most often, people believe that while high testosterone levels increase sex drive and masculinity in men, it thins out their hairline. While balding is dependent on testosterone levels in the male body, even men with low testosterone levels go bald due to allied factors. Hence, the popular belief about the testosterone circulating in the bloodstream being responsible for baldness might be completely wrong.

Myth 5# Hair shampooing causes hair fall:

Men often feel that it is the shampoo that is the culprit behind their balding.

However, all shampooing does is, it dislodges the hair that is ready to fall out. Also, it is healthy to lose up to 100 hairs a day.

Myth 6# Women are hair-rich than men:

While men complain and panic about balding all the time, women probably suffer from as much hair loss. Because females lose hair more diffusely than men, there is no straight hair loss on the scalp and just overall thinning instead. Hair loss in men is more visible with evident bald patches. Often women pull back their hair with minimal exposure of their patches and thus appear hair-rich when compared to men.