It goes by fact that you only notice your hair fall when you lose half of the entire volume. Strange but true! Amidst all the manly problems the issue of hair fall stands all tall and strong. Though it shouldn’t be a cause for you to get upset over but you shouldn’t ignore it either.

We understand your woes and the constraint of time you’ve, so we bring you the ideal solution for you which doesn’t entail a lot of effort. Here are some easy ideas which you can deploy to get rid of your hair fall issues.

Juices to the Rescue:

When we fall ill, doctors recommend us juices because of the fact that it easily assimilates into our body and is full of nutrients. Similarly, applying juices of lemon, ginger or garlic can be useful for our hairs. Apply the juices overnight and wash it in the morning to see the favorable result.

Water- The Universal Remedy:

Water is the remedy for all our health issues. Keeping yourself hydrated can bring an evident amount of positive change in our lifestyle. Try drinking 4 bottles of water every day.

The Green Tea:

Scientific studies have proved this fact that the extract of green tea adds nourishment to hairs. Boil two bags of green tea with water, cool it and massage your follicles with it. Let the juices seep in the roots of hairs and then wash it with a mild shampoo.

Alcohol and Cigarettes are at Fault:

Unhealthy habits of drinking and smoking can impact your hair growth. They reduce the flow of blood to your scalp and hinder the natural streak of hair growth. Avoid being an avid consumer of both unhealthy habits.

Vitamin Game:

As a crucial part of our diet, it is important to take our supplements in the right amount. Where Vitamin A increases the substantial amount of sebum in our scalp, Vitamin E helps the follicles to remain active and ensures an ample amount of blood circulation. Apart from these two, Vitamin B is also quite helpful in maintaining the right color of the hair.

Role of Proteins:

Protein items such as egg, meat, fish, and soy actively help in curbing hair loss. Apart from them, one should not underestimate the power of exercising daily. Indulging in active physical activity is of great help.

Be a Massage Pro:

On and often we listen to this advice from our moms that we should oil our hair periodically. Well, they are not wrong, massaging your hairs with oil enhances the circulation and helps in the nourishment of the hair.

Avoid Combing your Hair when Wet:

Hairs are in their weakest state when wet. Vigorous combing can result in an instant and voluminous hair loss. It is advisable to dry your hair properly before combing it. Choose a soft towel and rub your hair gently with it, avoid any kind of hasty action and let the towel absorb the extra water properly.

That’s it, folks! Keep your hair styling and shining with the above easy tricks.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP