Long term relationships or commitments are not for everyone. Although many may love the warmth and security of a committed relationship, others may cringe at the thought of the boundaries and rules that come with one. The way out then? Well, causal relationships! These no strings attached short term relationships are something many men and women prefer today, to committed ones. It’s wonderful to satiate your emotional and sexual desires without having to commit or share your life with your partner. Sounds good right? Well, mister, even though this may be a short term, free bird relationship, this too comes with its own set of rules, which one needs to abide by to prevent any future catastrophe! Here are six rules which any man should be following for some tension free good time in a casual relationship:

1 Things should be absolutely clear from the beginning:

Whether it be you or her, both of you should be absolutely clear on what you are getting into. If a casual relationship is what you are looking for, don’t assume she is looking for the same, just basis her words or body language. Make it crystal clear to her what you are looking for and give her enough time to decide whether she too wants the same or not. Never try and fool anyone into a casual relationship, because it will only lead to heartbreak, tears and well, yes, a lot of stress!

2 Don’t get confused with emotions:

You both may enjoy the casual relationship without feelings from either side. But it’s also possible that you might just fall for her or vice versa. This is pretty common, especially if you are sexually involved with her. In case you find yourself getting drawn towards her more than you should, take a break from her. If things settle down on its own, it might have been a small infatuation, but even after staying away for days, if you just cannot get her out of your mind, it is definitely a warning sign! In that case, you can try and find out if she too has similar feelings for you. If she does, it’s great, but if she doesn’t, it is better to close things right there. After all, you were in a casual relationship in the first place because you wanted nothing to do with love and commitment, right? So move on, buddy!

3 No getting possessive:

If you are in a casual relationship, both of you are free to go and meet and even, date other people if you want to. If tomorrow she finds someone better, she can just let you know the same and move on. Same for you. You need to respect each other’s privacy when in a casual relationship and not cross boundaries. In case you find yourself getting too curious about where she is and what she is doing, it’s not a good sign at all mister! Don’t forget causal relationships are all about live and let live!

4 Avoid making future plans beyond a few days:

A casual relationship is not only having some fun and a good time, but it is also all about today and not tomorrow. So avoid making any long term plans, because this would make things difficult for your partner. After all, tomorrow she might meet someone better than you and decide to move on, which she has all the right to do and the same applies to you as well. So even if you are planning an adventure trip or trekking, keep plans limited to a few days. Remember, this is a no-commitment and no-obligation relationship after all!

5 Protection is a must:

We understand, it feels great to have some no strings attached good time in-between the sheets, but one also needs to be careful and responsible. Be it her mistake or yours, a pregnancy out of the blue can get both of you into a tight spot! So be clear on your contraception methods from the beginning.

6 Keep the family away:

Although it’s okay for both of you to hang out together with friends, for specific reasons family functions and get-togethers are best avoided, especially if you have nothing long term on your mind. Not only will it portray a wrong image to your partner (that you are looking for a long term relationship), it will also lead to many conclusions on the part of your family, which you wouldn’t want right now.

6 rules a man should follow in a casual relationship