Yes, we are now talking about this much-needed topic about the use of the sandalwood oil for hair growth. 

Good hair adds to your personality and it is an indispensable part that makes you look attractive.

We are a part of society and we have to follow the societal norms and going bald is a major let down these days.

People judge you according to the way you look and I am pretty sure that no one wants to look ugly.

Males have a particular concern about the baldness because male pattern hair loss that we call as androgenic alopecia is a very troublesome issue. It affects the vast majority of the male population and can occur in any age group.

Androgenic alopecia is a genetically inherited condition i.e if your father or grandfather had it, it is likely that you also have ṭhe chances of having it. Although it’s not a life-threatening condition, it hurts the self-esteem badly plus it’s associated with a lot of mental health issues.

When we talk about the sandalwood oil or the other aromatic oils, it is very important to talk about the research-based conclusions. Many research studies have been done regarding the same. It has been found out that when sandalwood oil is exposed to hair follicles, the hair growth promotes. Let me make it more easy and simple for you to understand it. Guys, we all have various smell receptors all over the body. Similarly, the human scalp also has the smell receptors in good numbers.

There have been many laboratory studies in which various extracts of aromatic oils have been made. So scientists call the sandalwood extract as sanadalore. When it is exposed to the scalp, the smell receptors on the scalp respond and they, in turn, lead to increased keratin production. Keratin is an essential component of our hair strands. Keratin is a part of a connective tissue which is further made up of collagen. Collagen is also responsible for the strengthening of the bones and is a component of blood as well. It gives strength to the hair and makes them strong so in this way sandalwood oil or other aromatic oils can promote keratin production and can increase the strength of hair as well.

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