Do you miss those days when you never had to worry about hair thinning or hair loss? Honestly, there can be nothing more vexing than finding those strands falling out and irrespective of changing various brands of expensive hair care products, not being able to find the right fix! But you would be pleasantly surprised to know that the proper fix might lie in your fingertips, at least that is what research says.

Just like a good body massage can help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated, the same way a good scalp massage not only helps cure headaches, makes you feel blissful, but also ensures you have a headful of healthy and thick hair. As per a study by the National Institute of Health, it was found that regular scalp massages do lead to thicker hair. This study was conducted for 24 months, in which nine men received a head massage every day for 4 minutes. At the end of it, it was found that the men generally had thicker hair, as compared to the beginning. A further study which was conducted in 2019, supported the findings of this previous study done in the year 2016. As per the new study in which 340 respondents were instructed to massage their scalp in a particular way two times a day, it was found that 69% of the men reported an improvement in their hair loss condition.

So, all those times when your grandma or mother would insist on giving you that gentle oily head massage for some good hair growth, they were not really wrong! But if oiling your hair is what you dislike, then you would be quite relieved to know that a scalp massage does not necessarily require oil, although you can do it with oil as well. Experts suggest adding a drop or two of essential oils like peppermint oil or lavender oil to your regular oil like coconut oil or olive oil, actually can help improve hair quality and growth

Although this simple way of triggering hair growth might sound great, you need to follow the right process for scalp massage, to get the optimum result. Here are the essential steps to it:

  • Use your fingertips to gently massage your entire scalp, in circular motions, starting from the nape upto the crown of your head.
  • During the massage, apply light to medium pressure and ensure you cover your entire scalp.
  • Do this for 5 to 10 minutes at a stretch, for at least two times a day.

You can also opt for any scalp massager in case your hands feel tired or hire someone professional to do the same. Coming to effectiveness, your fingers, and a scalp massager, both would be equally effective. For those who are a little tight on time, you can even do the massage during a head wash. For this, you can apply your shampoo, massage the same into your scalp gently for 5 to 10 minutes, and then rinse. Follow the same with a conditioner.

Along with following the above, here are some hair care tips that would help prevent hair loss while promoting healthy hair growth:
  1. Just like nutritional deficiencies are bad for the body, it is also bad for your hair. Eating a balanced diet, especially one rich in vitamins, iron, calcium, and zinc, helps keep your hair healthy and long.
  2. Don’t wash your hair too frequently as this can rob your hair off its essential moisture, making it dry and brittle. While washing, ensure you gently clean your hair using a mild shampoo.
  3. Use a silk pillow instead of a cotton one. A smooth surface helps prevent friction and, thereby, further hair loss.
  4. Although brushing is good for your hair by helping improve blood circulation, ensure never to brush too roughly as it can damage your hair and scalp. Also, avoid brushing wet hair as wet hair is more prone to breakage and damage.
  5. If you are fond of washing your hair in hot water or using a hot dryer after the same, then unknowingly, you might be causing a lot of harm to your hair. Rinsing your hair in cold water ensures moisture retention while preventing heat damage.
  6. Try and incorporate castor oil in your hair care regime, as it is not only rich in vitamin E but also comprises essential fatty acids that help in hair growth and nourishment.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP

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