Hair loss is one big reason to stress out even at the highest point of life. It occurs in men as well as women. It can happen due to an emotional, improper diet or an unhealthy lifestyle. Stress is considered as the most viable factor for hair loss. Inadequate nutrients during increased physical requirements also cause a great deal of hair fall. The body goes through a lot of physical changes during exercise or strength training. It increases the production of human growth hormone and improves blood circulation.

Strength training keeps cortisol at bay, which keeps a tab on hair fall. Overtraining causes a negative impact on cortisol level and causes hair loss. Yes, every inch of extra muscle devoid your hair of protein they should get. The combined action of cortisol and testosterone escalates the level of DHT. DHT is a derivative of testosterone that causes body hair growth and loss of scalp hair. These high equivalents in the blood cause massive hair loss. Testosterone plays an imperative role during strength training. Testosterone is solely responsible for masculinity. It is present in a lesser amount in females. It improves strength and performance but interrupts hair growth. This is a subjective phenomenon. Some might even not get affected at all.

Impact of Testosterone on the body

In response to heavy exercise or strenuous weight training, the body produces high amounts of testosterone. This testosterone increases bone mass, enhances sexual drive, produces red blood cells and also regulates fat distribution. Deficiency of testosterone causes increased body fat, loss of muscle tone, hot flashes, irritability, reduced hair growth on the body, decreased libido and erectile dysfunction.

Impact of heavyweight training

Heavyweight training surges the level of cortisol, and inadequate rest decreases the level of testosterone. Synergistic action of cortisol and testosterone elevates the level of DHT, which causes shrinking of hair follicles. This also leads to the thinning of hair.

Mind your eating habits

A clean and healthy diet will not only prevent your hair loss but also helps you to shed weight quickly. A rich diet in vitamin and high protein helps to meet the increased demand of the body during weight training, and that also prevents hair loss. Try to pick on green leafy veggies, multigrain flour, seeds and nuts. Consume green tea as it is rich in antioxidants and boosts your metabolism.

Treating the hair loss

You might already have lost half of your hair until you realize that you are going through hair fall. A professional can tell the reason for hair loss and suggest the treatment accordingly. Invasive therapy includes PRP and hair transplant procedures like micrografting or punch-grafting. Hair transplantation is for irreversible hair loss. One may have to undergo repeated sessions to achieve.

Pharmacological treatment is a widely accepted treatment modality for hair loss. Minoxidil is available over the counter. It stimulates the hair follicles and prevents hair loss. It, however, requires months of therapy to show desired results.


Stress, hormonal changes, improper diet, tiredness can wreak havoc on the body. Stamina and physical strength are signs of a healthy lifestyle. One ruthlessly pushes himself during weight training to achieve that muscle form. Hair loss can bring you down unless you choose to go up against it and seek medical help.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP

Do you have to sacrifice your hair to get that muscle