The art of making love - We all agree that true love never expires and so shouldn’t the art of making love. Whether you are 20, 40 or 60, if you are looking forward to making love with your partner, there’s nothing that should stop you. Although there are a vast amount of apprehensions that hinder your path, be it your physical health or the societal pressure but worry no more! We at Misters are here with our magic wand to resolve every hindrance that’s holding you back from the seductive company of your partner.

Am I still desirable?

Of all the questions that haunt our brains, this one holds a primary position. After a span, when you’re finally free from the chaos of daily activity and want to relax with your partner, the self-inflicted doubt may raise the head, and you can ask yourself this question again and again. Well, the answer is yes! You are the right one for your partner. That is why they chose you in the first place. Didn’t they? Continuos thinking about these issues can take a toll on you and affect your sexual performance as it gives rise to the anxiety levels in an individual.

Unfurl All Your Desires:

It is your 50s, the pace of daily life didn’t give you too much time to be sexually active, but that doesn’t mean that it is the end. You and your partner may have different outlooks or different choices. To you, penetrative sex might be your thing, but what if she’s into oral fun? To resolve this conflict, it’s best to talk about the issues of life. Hold yourself up no more. If in any case you’ve changed partners, feel no shame in admitting about your sexual desires. And at last, if you feel that you are not comfortable to discuss this aspect of your relationship, then you can switch to the services of a counsellor. There’s no shame in this as people have been proactively reaching out for professional help.

Exploring can be fun Too:

It may happen that the real thing does not occur, due to various reasons, but should we not do it all? Absolutely no! One must keep pursuing sex for the penetration, exploring each other and kissing the major hotspot areas can be complete fun if you are really into the person. Moreover, as the wine gets better with age, so does sex. Post 50, it happens without any complex desire of reaching climax and is more convoluted towards expressing affection to each other. Even if you are looking for a new partner, the action can be a game-changer by expressing all your affection and love towards that special person.

Nothing can actually stop you from having a sensuous relationship with your partner; age is just a number; all you need is some love and clarity of ideas in your conjugal relationship.