Anxiety is a mental health condition that makes you feel nervous, uneasy, apprehensive, and worried when caught in a situation. Mild or severe anxiety may affect your sex drive and sexual intimacy with your partner. If you are having an initial stage of anxiety, don't worry. Worrying might worsen your condition. Some simple and effective measures could help you reverse the situation. In case of anxiety disorder, it is advisable to consult a Counsellor or a Psychologist.

People with mild anxiety can still enjoy a great sex life with their partner by following a few practices:

1) Accept your flaws: Everyone is not perfect. Accept that you suffer from anxiety, and you are willing to work upon your condition. The more you avoid accepting your situation, the farther you will move from a solution to it.

2) Speak up: Disclose to your partner that your anxiety is becoming a hurdle and stopping you from giving your best in your relationship. While sharing your problem, also convince your partner that you will not let your problem come in the way of your sex life.

3) Relax: Although a small word, "relax" has a huge role to play in your life. Stop cursing yourself if you are not able to achieve your goals in life - personal, professional, marital, etc. It's okay to err. You are a mere human and not God. So relax and enjoy your life.

4) Watch something that gives you pleasure: Some people may like to watch comedy films, some may want to watch hard-core romantic web series, and some may like to watch their favorite actor’s melancholy songs. You, too, should go for it! Watch anything that makes you feel good and encourages you to be more loving to your partner. Reading romantic novels is also not a bad idea, even if you are not a book-worm!

5) Keep trying: You must put effort into making things work. Constantly overthinking that you will fail will not help. Just keep your focus on how you can make your partner feel attracted to you. Applying some good odor perfume, decorating your bed with roses, reading out romantic shayaris are all cute ways to impress your partner.

5) Repeat those 3 Magical Words Time & Again: Yes, "I Love You" these 3 words can make a world of difference and might reduce your anxiety levels. Before you actually get into the act, you should say "I Love You" as many times as you can and encourage your partner to do the same. When the air is full of love, both of you will focus only on expressing your love for each other, thus avoiding any negative thoughts and sexual tension.

6) Just Chill: If things work out, woohoo! Keep enjoying fabulous sex life with your partner. And suppose things didn't work out as per your plan, just chill! Your partner will not run away if you couldn't satisfy her this time. Shed your shyness and keep expressing your love to your partner and working upon ideas that guide you towards a great sex life. Your partner will appreciate your efforts and will understand that true love stays forever!