Do you love sex? Well, good for you. Apart from feeling great, sex has many benefits for your health as well. Having said that, there is a difference between having a love for sex and being crazy for it, or in a more rustic term, behaving like a sexaholic! When we say crazy, we mean you can go to any extent and do anything that is potentially harmful, just to satisfy that craving sexual need, which is continually gnawing at you. You tend to forget what’s right and what’s wrong, and you start taking risks at the cost of your existing relationships. If you can even vaguely relate to the above, you sure have a red light blinking straight into your face! Surprisingly, a sex addict is a term that most men would refrain from connecting themselves to, preferring even terms like a pervert, freak, or playboy to it. But here are some warning signs of a sex addict mister, that you should definitely look out for if you feel your obsession with sex is on the higher side:

You exploit others for sex:

This is very much a warning sign. You might be a great son or a great colleague. But when it comes to sex, you start treating people around you as objects. You don’t care how they feel; you just need to get your way, which is, in this case, sex. When you are done with it, you don’t care what happens to them. You just need to get what you want, be it at any cost. Even if you might need to fake feelings for the same or tell big fat lies, you read to go either way, as long as you are getting it.

Sex is always on your mind:

It is a fact that among men and women, the former tend to think more about sex. But from getting up in the morning to calling it a day, if you are always thinking about it, then it is not normal. Like it is okay to think about it when you see a hot chick or some erotic scenes but not during an important meeting or a family gathering. If you find that you just can’t stop thinking about sex, including when to have sex next and with whom, then there are high chances you are headed for danger!

You masturbate all the time:

It’s healthy to masturbate once a day or even once a week. But if you need to go at it like three times a day or maybe even more, then it is definitely another warning sign of a sex addict. As per sexologists, some men who are addicted to sex, also tend to masturbate just after having sex. So mister, if you manage to keep your little man down there almost and always busy, you are a step closer to being termed as a sex addict.

Seeking multiple partners:

Cheating on your partner multiple times for want of more sex is a sign of a sex addict. Most sex addicts end up cheating just for the sake of sheer compulsion. They know the consequences, but they are still willing to put their personal lives at stake for doing so. It is almost like an obsessive-compulsive disorder. Your craving for sex is too strong to fight your reasoning. So if you find yourself seeking out for multiple partners at the cost of your existing relationship, to satisfy your sexual cravings, then it’s not a healthy sign mister.

You don’t feel satisfied with routine sex:

A sex addict usually will not be satisfied with monogamy routine sex. He would start looking to satisfy his kinky desires which again, would keep increasing with every passing day. It’s okay if once in a while, you and your partner would want to try out something different like bondage. Still, if you are continually pushing the limits to fuel your fantasies and desires, it’s very well a warning sign, that not everything is okay.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP