What duration do you want to last for? How long, according to you, should it be? How long do most people last for in an average during sex?

These questions are certainly something most men ponder on. If your mind often boggles with such issues, this is for you. People in most parts of the world still consider sex discussion as a taboo. Most people are, therefore, aware of only their sex lives. In the absence of such discussion and knowledge, people go by what they think is idle or what they watch in porn clips.

We have discussed earlier that porn doesn’t fully imitate real human living conditions, and therefore, one must never compare their sexual life, stamina, capacity with what it shows. You might be burdened with the notion that sex should last for atleast 30min to an hour or so, but the actual duration of sex is much shorter than what you think.

Several studies have been conducted in this field during the past years to understand usually how long do people last when having sex. The results range from 5 min to 15 min (approximately). Now, rather than comparing your duration, let’s dive deeper into understanding this.

How short is too short, and how long is “long” enough?

The answer to this question is pretty simple! If you and your partner are satisfied after the intercourse, you do not have to worry about it at all. On the contrary, if you think that you always end up ejaculating early than you want, then you need to know the facts below.

Orgasm Gap between men and women

Men naturally tend to ejaculate quickly, and as per research, they can release as soon as within 5 minutes while a woman may take up to 20 minutes of stimulation to get orgasm. The more you can reduce the gap between 5-20 minutes, the better you can be at lasting long.

How can you reduce the orgasm gap?

It is a myth that penetration alone can give orgasm to women, mostly they have found out that indirect stimulation of their clitoris during sex acts as the force for their orgasm. Most women can have an orgasm during foreplay. However, they still praise the longer length of intercourse and see it as a better sexual satisfaction.

To reduce this gap, you can focus on more foreplays and finding ways to stimulate your partner rather than sticking to direct penetration. Short duration is not the only thing that bothers women, but robotic sexual experience and fewer or no foreplays can add on to less satisfactory experience. You can try different positions to attend to the need of your partner.

Shift your focus away from just penetration for longer sex

Men who have explored other ways to stimulate partners are more likely to avoid any problem that may arise due to the shorter duration of sex. On the other hand, Premature Ejaculation is a condition that makes a man ejaculate immediately after penetration or even before penetration. If this is happening with you, you must consult a therapist. This condition can be treated, but if you can naturally reduce the gap and if you still consider lasting for 30 minutes or an hour as “long enough,” then you must remember that usually, men ejaculate in just 5 minutes. It’s the rest of the fun and activity during sex that matters more than only penetration. Get on to enjoy them, and you should be able to last pretty long.