Sex is amazing, exciting, sensuous, romantic, and one of the most beautiful experiences in the world. But on the other hand, since sex is an individualistic experience, what someone perceives about it or wants from it, varies from person to person. We will be elaborating on ancient Ayurveda’s take on sex and how your dosha or your partner’s dosha affects your sex life.

As per Ayurveda, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha are known as the three doshas or the regulating forces of nature. The three doshas comprise of the five elements of nature, wherein, Vata comprises air and space, Pitta fire and water and Kapha, water, and earth.

We all are comprised of these three doshas making some a Vata person, some a Kapha and the rest a Pitta Person. It’s your dosha which largely determines, not only your health and psyche but also your sex life.

1.     The Vata person: As per Ayurveda, people in the Vata category should be indulging in the least of sex. They generally suffer from problems like dry yoni, premature ejaculation, and low libido. This is because of their constitution. Orgasms usually lead to depletion of their energy sources. But that doesn’t mean sex is not important for them. It’s only that their way to satisfying sex life is different. Since they are creative, romantic and sensual, to keep them satisfied, one needs to focus on foreplay and love more, than the actual act of intercourse. Since they are creative and have low libido, adding creativity to sex life, like having sex in an unusual place, can turn them on. Staying hydrated and having juicy fruits and ghee also helps them in their sexual functioning.

2.     The Pitta person: They are the passionate, fiery lovers but lack reliability and patience. Their sexual desires are always on fire so matching their feisty spirit might be a little difficult. If a pitta person can channelise his sexual energy not only through his sex organs but also through his heart, then he can become the perfect lover in bed. Since they tend to enjoy and indulge in more sex than the other doshas, they have more chances of suffering from impotence and harming their reproductive organs due to the burning fire in them. It helps a Pitta person to cool off their excessive sexual desires to manage a perfect balance in bed and in life.

3.     The Kapha person: They are sensual and the perfect partners when it comes to marriage or sex. They are generally nurturing, hardworking, balanced and determined. They initially might be reluctant to indulge in sexual activities due to their reserved nature, but once convinced or coaxed, they can handle much sex. Since they face an initial reluctance in getting involved in sexual activities, it’s imperative to keep their sexual fires burning to help them enjoy and indulge in good sex. Further, avoiding fatty foods and following a good exercise routine also helps a Kapha person to have a healthy sex life.