Are you the quintessential teddy with large-soft eyes and smooth-radiant skin - who loves being hugged or to hug? Does your Sunday spells like snuggling with your partner over popcorn and Netflix? If yes, you are most certainly a sweetie-pie Kapha lover for your partner.

In the language of Ayurveda, Kapha, Pitta and Vata are the three doshas or states of nature of humans. Of the three, Kapha is most calm and composed natured and kindness is Kapha’s middle name. Water and earth are the dominant elements which endow Khapa stability and responsibility.

Strong memory is a unique quality of Khapa which makes it difficult for Pitta and Vata to argue with them.  Love for you is a slow-cooked Dum Pukht and never instant noodles. You wait, pause and ponder and then take baby steps in the world of romance and passion. But once you are in, you stabilize the relationship, are considerate of your partner’s feelings and needs, and are accepting and non-judgmental. You are an ideal lover, expressing your love all the time, rarely judgemental and always ready to walk the extra mile.

Also, with a strong build and outstanding stamina the Kapha men like you are known to be brilliant in bed. This has a tricky side though. Excess growth of your Kapha dosha can turn you into a sluggish and depressed man, but more damagingly, it can make you a sticky lover, or what they call Chipku, in common parlance! Beware!

Holding on to belongings, jobs, even relationships after they have turned sour are common when Khapa build in excess. That said, the adage, “way to a man’s heart is though his stomach”, was coined after you. A slice of homemade chocolate cake by your partner is enough to make you go weak in the knees. Though sweets are your Achilles Heel, you go gullible before anything tasty, especially if it is made by “her”.

And yes, Kapha loves the water! Being the dominant element, water soothes a Kapha like nothing else. You are an incorrigible kapha if swimming with your partner is the first thing you come up with for a holiday plan. You are also a siesta person and unlike Virus’ power nap in Three Idiots, your heart shines at the prospect of an uninterrupted afternoon nap.

A sweet, calm and composed Kapha can get totally cross at the sight of chaos. Your penchant for order can even go the level of OCD. The other red flags for Kaphas are expletive language, impulsive manners, yelling and piquant tongues. Strike a balance Being out in nature is an elixir for Khapa as it has calming effects. Body movement is the other great way to balance Khapa. Think of brisk evening walks or an early morning jog.

Inertia sets in fast in unbalanced Khapa and makes you averse to change. When this happens, you will find yourself going to the same cafe, binging on the same sitcom, even maintaining the same position - errrr you know what I mean, don’t you? Some simple activities can stop accumulation of heavy and dense qualities, giving your love life some much needed spice. Bonne chance!