A date at the art gallery, a hearty lunch, a foot massage at a Thai Spa and rounding the day off with an evening of poetry reading at her place – if you are already feeling giddy with delight, Congratulations! You are a Vata lover! Air and ether-energy form your essential elements giving you a light-hearted, happy-go-lucky and dreamy temperament.

In the Ayurvedic language, the typical dosha traits of Vatas are - Dry, Light, Cold, Rough, Subtle, Mobile, Clear. You are multi-talented, always coming up with ideas and have a finger in every pie. Your creative and sensitive demeanour makes you a visionary but plagued with attention deficiency syndrome, you are constantly seeking extra TLC from your partner.

Wanting in steady elements like earth and water, energy levels are inconsistent in Vatas. When in balance, Vata lover can be super creative, highly romantic, and brilliantly imaginative; when not, he runs the risk of being restless, worried and suffers from insomnia. Here are the dead give-aways for Vata lovers - TLC warms you up Always ready to be pampered. Sensuality for you is written in soft touches as it soothes your highly-strung nerves.

Sex is not on the top of your mind as you have dramatically fluctuating energy levels. Also, you are often in the mood in the morning rather than at night. Softer expressions of love are more of your thing. Travelling, work pressure, even ordinary insecurities dwindles your sex drive. It is good for you to avoid too much sex as it drains your energy while damaging your nervous system.

You need to constantly communicate with your partner, which includes telling her about your childhood memories fifty times a month. Romantic poems and thought-provoking conversations with your woman turn you on like nothing else.

You don’t jump into relationships but pause and ponder over the prospects before committing. Once in you are as faithful as steel to the magnet. And with the right one, you can be an immensely satisfying lover in bed. But, when it comes to courtship and foreplay, you raise the bar. Hypersensitive to the core, you are known to loathe loud noise and glaring lights. A dimly lit room, a book and a hot cuppa is your idea of Eden.

You see red in things mundane – doctor’s appointment, waiting in a queue, making grocery lists and the like. The artist in you has a dreamy disposition and a penchant for things higher! Lauki and Kaddu don’t just fit in there! Nightwalkers Sleep tight is not your style. The ether element wakes you up the middle of the night, and your limited blood circulation often leaves your hands and feet cold. The next thing you do is stick them to the warm back of your partner sleeping next to you, and in all possibility get yelled at! Love is fiercely fluid and can never be framed in modules, and the human mind is also incredibly intricate to follow patterns of principles.

Understanding your dosha can only help you love with a better understanding of human nature. Stay in love, bro, that’s what matters most!