Pablo Neruda, the greatest love poet of all times, said, “As if you were on fire from within. The moon lives in the lining of your skin,” – luminous brilliance of fire and calm and deep serenity of the moon - that’s a Pitta lover in a nutshell.

With fire and water, as their elemental constitutions, Pitta men are blissfully endowed. They are sharp, self-assured, passionate, articulate, focused and highly discerning. If popular celebrity blogs are anything to go by, many iconic figures including Sharon Stone, Britney Spears, Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt are Pitta.

Interestingly, archetypal Pitta animals are the tiger and the bull – fierce, obstinate, go-getter. Resembling the mythical Greek warriors and lovers, Pitta men are blessed with an inborn fire and zest for lovemaking. They can effortlessly woo women with their inherent charm and eloquence. If you are a Pitta man, women will fall for your sharp wit, jubilant energy and sense of humour. Once in love, your dynamic and passionate nature will get deeply pronounced and the fire in your heart will burn with delightful intensity.

However, supreme confidence in your virility can make you little demanding and impatient in the act of lovemaking. Also, the superego forever desirous of complete fulfilment, can make you bit insensitive in bed, lacking in tenderness towards your partner. In a brazen display of raw prowess Pitta men often end up hurting the women they love. Though women usually love men who can take things in stride, too much control can spell trouble and can be damaging for the relationship as your partner may feel dominated.

The ‘my way or highway’ mindset is detrimental in every aspect of life, but in a relationship, it can be toxic. To beat this, make a detour of the heart before taking the bodily path of love. Some cosy chit-chat, a movie or some love songs will give just the right nudge to your heartstrings before your passion flares up. Creating a romantic ambience in the bedroom with soft lights and fineries will heighten the emotional quotient and ease your raw passion. Once in the act of making love, take efforts to understand the needs of your partner.

Unlike Vata or Kapha, the libido in Pitta is always high with ample natural body reserves to restore them after the passion is spent. Too much sex can make you prone to impotence as the excess heat can consume the reproductive tissues.Moreover, excess passion is harmful for the upward movement of the natural fire in your body.

Hence, figure out other creative routes to channelise your sexual energy. Also, go for calming drinks and take a shower after the love act. The good thing is when in balance, Pittas are warm, witty, and feisty spirits who make romance an enchanting and fun-filled affair. This nature also comes handy when in bed. Playful jibes, while in the act of lovemaking, always heightens the experience as it does away with inhibitions and helps in connecting at a deeper emotional level.

That said, the bottom line remains - when it comes to lovemaking Pittas can create fireworks!