How important is food in our life? It is a question all of us can answer for sure. But did you know that eating the right food can change your life?! By eating the right food you can have better workdays, better workouts at the gym and better sex.

Yes! You read it right. Below are some of the foods that will enhance your sex experience.

1)     Green vegetables: The amount of blood flow to the genitals decides the degree of arousal in men. Certain green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, Brussels sprout, kale, and cabbage are known to help expound the blood vessels. In addition, these are also the source of folate- the sex nutrient.

2)     Fruits: Fruits like peaches, oranges, and grapefruit are rich in vitamin C. Certain research have proven that men who ingested at least 200 milligrams of vitamin C per day saw an increase in their sperm count and motility. Watermelons are known to have high concentrations of citrulline which are known to relax the blood vessels.

3)     Seeds and Nuts: Sex hormones need cholesterol to work efficiently. Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, peanuts, and walnuts are a rich source of mono-unsaturated fats. These fats are necessary for the creation of cholesterol.

4)     Fatty fish: A good heart is essential for good sex. Fish like salmon, mackerel, sardines, and tuna are rich in omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA. These fatty acids are responsible for raising the dopamine levels in the brain which in turn triggers arousal. Fish is also the source of amino acid, L-arginine that stimulates the release of the growth hormone and is converted into nitric oxide. As we know, nitric oxide is essential for erections

5)     Tea: Tea has the antioxidant catechin in abundance. This antioxidant boosts the blood flow all over the body. It not only enhances the memory, but it also builds up your mood and focus, greatly increasing your sex power.

On the opposite side of the spectrum are foods that you need to avoid since they are not so sex-friendly.

1)     Alcohol: Alcohol, no doubt is a great mood enhancer. But on the downside, too much alcohol consumption will bring your libido down. It affects your ability to hold on to the erection long enough to have satisfying intercourse.

2)     Food with high trans-fat: Fried foods are rich in hydrogenated fats or trans-fat as they are called. The more you have these fats in your diet, the lesser will be your testosterone level. Stay clear of burgers and pizzas for better sex.

3)     Processed Food: Processed food like cornflakes and white bread are rich in carbohydrates. Though they are great energy boosters, too much of them in the diet thicken the arteries which in turn decreases the flow of blood to the genitals.

So, In order to have a good sex life, keep a tab on what you include in your diet.