The health benefits of sex goes much beyond just pleasure or an orgasm. But is it as good as proper exercise? Well, as per research, a man loses around four calories a minute, during sex. So if you can have at least twenty-five minutes of sex, then you can burn up to a hundred calories a day! Not bad, huh? And it’s definitely more enjoyable sweating out with someone on the bed than in the gym. So can it actually be a substitute for real exercise? Unfortunately, no, it is not. Because twenty-five minutes of sex each day is not only an unrealistic figure, your body too needs some real workout to stay fit and healthy. So although sexercise shouldn’t be a substitute for your regular workout regime, it definitely has some health benefits that no workout can do for you. Here are six amazing ways in which having sex can do wonders for your health!

1 Stress Reliever: During sex, the cortisol levels ( a hormone that causes stress) is reduced in your body, leaving you healthier and happier. A small study conducted on a group of 46 men and women before a stressful event has shown that those who had sex in the two weeks before the event had lesser stress levels, that those who didn’t. So if you are someone who tends to get stressed out pretty often, you now know what to do!

2 Reduces the risk of prostate cancer: Research has shown that men who ejaculated 21 times or more in a month had a 33% lower risk of prostate cancer than those who ejaculated four to seven times in a month, throughout their lives. This one statistic gives you enough reason to get some action under the sheets, more often!

3 You fall sick less often: Yes, the more sex you have, the less number of offs you will be taking from work! It helps boost your body’s immunity, protecting you from germs, viruses and other intruders. So say cheers to sex, for a healthy life ahead!

4 You live longer: Good sex doesn’t only make you want to live longer (for some more of it), you actually do end up living longer! Studies have shown men to have fifty percent more life expectancy if they had sex at least two times a week than those who indulged in it just once a month! So don’t be a miser with your sex timetable anymore.

5 Helps you sleep sound: If a sound sleep is what you long for, then it’s actually time to revamp your sex life. Having an orgasm during sex releases a hormone called Prolactin, which is linked with deep sleep. So to sleep better, instead of a pill or music, try some good sex!

6 Lowers your risk of a heart attack: Icing on the cake is, good sex is good for your heart as well. Sex helps to keep your testosterone levels in balance, otherwise low levels of which might lead to a heart attack. So in matters of heart, it’s better to side with sex to keep the heart woes at bay!