A Roman origin, an ancient mysterious past and an ever-existing quest to find the ultimate one – aphrodisiacs are things that inspire awe. Originating from the word Aphrodite - the Greek goddess of love - they are called catalysts of sexual arousal.

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Early scriptures tell us about the most bizarre items used as aphrodisiacs for great sex. From raw honey to crocodile eggs, and from mandrake root to genitals of animals, rotting cheese permeated with maggots and grounded rhino horns – humans have tried everything as agents of enhancing libido. The quest for ultimate instigator of love continues unabated and we keep looking for stimulating stuff, often to the dismay of doctors. Many maintain that aphrodisiacs only have placebo effect are not effective. However, studies have shown that some food and herbs do contain ingredients that can effectively act as aphrodisiacs.

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Of all recognised aphrodisiacs existing today, herbs are most wide acknowledged to have properties leading to sexual excitement. Of these, the century old Yohimbe, an evergreen tree found in Asia and West Africa, tops the list. Yohimbe contains yohimbine in its bark which is extracted and made into pills, taken with tea, or used as dietary supplements.

Research says the herb operates by exciting the nerves located in your spine which boosts erection. Raging popularity of this herb has earned it the epithet- Herbal Viagra. Also effective in stimulating blood flow by dilating blood vessels, Yohimbe is believed to be useful in ED cure. In the US, medical practitioners suggest Yohimbine Hydrochloride as a cure for ED. The efficacy of this herb has been acknowledged by US FDA who called it the first plant-derived drug for addressing sexual dysfunction. This wonder herb also increases production of norepinephrone - essential for erections- in your body.

The Best All-Natural Supplement for Better Erections on Amazon

Scientists also say that Yohimbe is capable of reviving sexual prowess in people afflicted with diabetic and heart conditions. Not only that, it acts as a tonic for your pelvic nerves and enhances adrenaline flow to nerve ends resulting in heightened sexual energy and long-lasting erection.

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Yohimbine is also known to be a useful cure for orgasmic dysfunction in men. Studies reveal that men undergoing treatment have eventually fathered offspring and were fully cured.

The Best All-Natural Supplement for Better Erections on Amazon

A word of caution

Indiscriminate use of Yohimbe is highly risky as the herb is believed to have serious side effects including rise in blood pressure and heartbeat, chest pain, breathing trouble, skin inflammation, seizures, pain in the genitals and overstimulation.

Moreover, the yohimbine content in dietary supplements vary randomly and are often undisclosed. It is always better to opt for the medically prescribed Yohimbe drugs. Also the readily available yohimbine supplements are mostly counterfeit, synthetic or produced from highly processed plants. Take doctor’s opinion before taking any kind of aphrodisiac to ensure your safe health and prevent undesirable hazards.

The Best All-Natural Supplement for Better Erections on Amazon

Aphrodisiacs, Yohimbe or others, can meddle with your ongoing medications especially those for blood thinning, diabetes and kidney, liver, or heart ailments. Moreover, stay away from it if you are prone to seizures or suffer from mental issue.

Remember! Music, flowers, chocolates are the most potential aphrodisiacs, add love to it and you have the ultimate secret-code for great sex.

The Best All-Natural Supplement for Better Erections on Amazon

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