Acacia concinna is a popular climbing shrub, belonging to the Fabaceae family, home to the continent of Asia and frequently found in the plains of South and Central India. Owing to its anti-fungal nature, it is used to treat wounds and skin infections, preventing them from getting septic, but is best known for its beneficial effects for hair.

With thorny brown branches, this Ayurvedic herb is rich in antioxidants, leading to hair growth and a lustrous mane for Misters. A well known Shikakai based hair growth remedy is the formulation of a Shikakai powder, henna powder and yogurt mixture to be applied directly onto the scalp. Patients of Androgenic Alopecia and male pattern baldness, this one’s for you.

Acting as a hair cleanser, this plant rids your scalp of unwanted bacteria, fungus, lice and inflammation. Even dandruff doesn’t stand a chance against it. It’s other properties make sure that your hair is thicker and conditions like drying and thinning of hair along with split ends are effectively corrected.

Admittedly, Shikakai does not produce much lather during a hair wash but it’s high amount of saponins make sure your scalp is clean and shiny, gently improving your hair texture and simultaneously detangling it. Acting as a cooling agent, a dry and dull scalp can also be fixed by this herb.

While some opt for a salt and pepper look, sporting it confidently, numerous men do not have a choice one they are faced with the condition of premature greying. You will be happy to know that Shikakai has a delaying effect on individuals with graying hair, once again due to its antioxidant properties.

Shikakai is available in the form of oil, paste and shampoos. What makes it even better is that it's comparatively less expensive when compared with expensive repair based oils and shampoos frequently consisting of harmful chemicals that could damage your hair in the long term scenario.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP