Founded in 1886, before formally being introduced as an antihypertensive agent to control high blood pressure, Minoxidil was carried through some clinical trials in the late 1960s.

During the trials executives at Upjohn, US pharmaceutical company Out of the five senses, vision, hearing, smell, touch & taste, we always felt that sense of touch and vision could build sexual arousal or could enhance a person’s sexual capability.

However, newer researches have shown that a sense of smell also plays a major role in sex enhancement and arousal. The scent can trigger sexual desire and even put off someone. Example, a good, sensual scent of your partner, could make you attractive towards him/her; while a bad mouth odour could also put him/ her off and create displeasure.

The smell can be the big part of your sexual life. The stronger the sense of smell, the more orgasms the person can experience. Earlier researches proved that the people who have an impaired sense of smell seem to have a noticeable negative impact in their sex life which is different from others. Someone with less or no sense of smell did have sex but couldn’t describe that as being a great pleasure.

A new study has already suggested that the people with the better understanding of smell can enjoy sex life more easily. Women who have a good sense of smell can also experience more orgasms during sex. Besides these, more research has found that when the women are in the menstrual cycle can impact both their sense of smell and their sexual arousal.

Now the question is that what role does any smell play? Smell plays a role in seduction, and some research has shown that a man’s scent can make them more attractive to women and which is helpful for their sex life. Some of the studies also indicate that the women who smelt male pheromones are more likely to drink more than women who sniffed water.

A German study which researches measured odour thresholds with the sniffing sticks which shows those with the stronger sense of smell have more orgasms. This study only had 70 participants, and the results are open for interpretation, but the question can arise around the relationship between sex and scent.

Certain smells can affect your mood, mental alertness and are used extensively by the fragrance industry. By this smell, the brain can be worked accordingly, and your sexual life will be more perfect for this. Why so? The limbic system of the brain where the feelings, emotions, sexual behaviour and memory are processed.

So, you can use good scent for increasing your sexual life as smell has a great role in arousal of interest for each other.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP