When the White House chief advisor Stephen Miller appeared on the show, Face the Nation, it looked like Mr Burns Bart's spray paint can get in the way, and Miller's apparent attempt to cover up his falling hairline distracted attention from what he said. Maybe distraction was the point. Or maybe he's had no practice since his TV duties have been downgraded since last January when he had to be taken out of a studio. Or maybe, as suggested on Twitter, he was cheated by the hair and makeup department.

He used that “spray hair” formula to cover up the receding hairline. Most of these sprays use a combination of coloured and keratin fibres that resemble actual hair and try to imitate that. However, in places where there are none, the problem is that most men when applying it, including Miller, appear to be unnatural: first, the colours are flat, just like spray paint, and they never mix entirely with natural hair. Second, the keratin fibres work by attaching themselves to existing hair and building it up so that the effect of the thickness is created. If there is no hair, they cannot be applied and do not make any difference.

What is hair fall?

Hair fall is very normal in human beings. It occurs when the hair follicles leave its roots which cuts out the blood supply to the hair. There is a cycle of hair formation from inception to shedding that our body goes through every day. However, when the expelled hair is not replaced with the new one, it’s time you start taking preventive measures to get back the hair growth cycle. The entire phase can be explained by the terms “Anagen,” “Catagen” and ''Telogen” followed by exogen and kenogen. Anagen is the phase responsible for the growth of hair fibres. Catagen is a resting phase and telogen is the phase where hair follicles regress. Exogen is a phase where your hair follicles are shed out and kenogen is the time taken between the fall of hair to its regeneration or exogen and anagen.

Preventive measures:

As we have understood earlier how important blood circulation is for hair, eating healthy and nutrient-rich fruit along with exercise is a must. These are the lifestyle choices that shouldn’t be an option.

Do not tie your hairs very tight let sweat, dust and other harmful particles rest on your head for long. Massage your hair with natural oils whenever possible. Treat your hairs right by regular washing and maintaining them with good quality hair products that aren’t too harsh. Do not blow-dry at an extremely high temperature for long.

Depending upon how worse your hair fall condition is, there are several other methods to handle and regrow the receding hairline like an application of hair stimulating solutions to the scalp and hair transplant that can get your hair back.

how not to handle hair fall?