Finally, she has agreed to go out on a date! You are super excited and cannot wait for the day to arrive. But are you prepared for the same? Here we are not asking you to clear an interview, but at least bag the second date? You would be surprised to know that most men don’t get a second date because of some ‘turn-offs’ that they manage to do in the first. So if you don’t want your first date with her, also to be remembered down the lane as the last date with her, here is a list of 7 things, never to do on day 1!

1 Arrive late:

First things first mister, never arrive late on your date. It just gives the first impression that either this date means nothing to you or your general attitude speaks of laziness and disrespect for time. I am sure since you don’t want her to think either, try to leave your place a little early. In case for any reason, you get tied down somewhere, like a proper gentleman, call her informing her of the same and apologize once when you meet her.

2 Dress too casually:

By casually we don’t mean wearing casuals, but if you reach there without giving a second thought to what you should be wearing and manage to pick up whatever first you can lay your hands on, it is a problem! Remember, at the end of the day, first impression is the last impression. You don’t have to wear anything expensive or fancy, but at least whatever you wear should be classy and smart.

3 Skimp on personal hygiene:

You might be on time and dressed smartly, but what about personal hygiene and appearance? Basic personal hygiene should include, shower, shave, wear clean clothes, not smell of bad breath and definitely not smell like you have not had a bath in days! Use a nice cologne, perfume or deodorant, whatever is required to smell like a man.

4 Rude to serving staff/ waiter:

Since you have gone on a date with her, you would definitely be nice to her. But you will also be judged on how you behave with others. If you are rude or show obnoxious behaviour to those serving you, be very sure she would be forming her own little opinion about you, then and there. After all, every lady wants to be with a man who is courteous and knows how to behave!

5 You act stingy:

It’s okay not to be flowing in cash, but it’s not okay to come across as a stingy person on your very first date. If you start going through the menu to find out what is the cheapest available there and order the same, be sure you have already formed an impression that would last forever! If you are stingy or hard on cash, better select a place, where you are willing to order and pay for most of the things available on the list.

6 You have nothing to ask:

If you honestly have nothing to ask on a date, then don’t go on one. It’s like you are there out of obligation or to kill time. The worst possible, it will give off a sign that you are not interested in knowing her, and that is why you have nothing to ask her. If you are the shy types, at least keep some questions handy from before, which would help keep the conversation alive.

7 Talk about your ex:

You have so many things to know about your date, that your ex, should be kept out of the loop completely! Speaking about your ex or exes on your first date gives the impression that you are not over her or the relationship yet, and this date is merely a healing balm for you. If some conversation arises in which speaking about your ex becomes inevitable, keep it short and sweet.