Do you find more attracted to older women than women of your age or younger ones? Well, it’s perfectly okay because what every man looks for in a woman is different. Some look for maturity and experience, while others may look for liveliness. Unlike years ago, when a younger man and older woman relationships were limited to a few film actors, it is pretty common these days. But then again, there is definitely a difference between dating a younger woman and an elder one, and you got to be aware of those differences. Here are seven dating tips that would help you date women older than you, the right way!

1 Be honest:

Let’s be honest here. If you are interested in an older woman just because of her sexual experiences, be honest to her about it. Don’t talk about relationships, love, commitment, and so on and waste her time. That way, you lose respect as well. If sex is on your mind, be upright to her about the same. If she too has the same on her mind, you two will have a great time, together!

2 Don’t try to act older than your age:

The reason that she likes you is because of your jovial, fun-loving nature. She has plenty of men of her age or older with whom she can have those long matured conversations. What makes you unique or rather your USP here stands to be your fun-loving, young, energetic approach towards life. Hold on to that.

3 Make her feel sexy:

As women cross their 30’s, they not only start feeling a little old, but those wrinkles and grey hair make them a bit conscious about their looks as well. So it would be great instead of making her feel nice and mom like, you can make her feel sexy as well. Like if she wears a lovely dress, compliment her on how sexy she is looking rather than how nice!

4 Love her :

It’s not that older women don’t like sex, they can outrun you in bed any day, anytime! But their priorities are different. They are usually not looking for one night stands or flings. Rather, what arouses them more is romance and intimacy. Once she is able to trust you and know that you are not into it only for fun, the rest will follow!

5 Respect her priorities:

Older women have a set routine and would prefer having their own space. Unlike younger women, they don’t want you to be all over them, all the time. Their insecurities are much less, and they have their own lives to tend to. So you might not be on her priority list always, and you gotta respect that.

6 Stop addressing her as a cougar:

Yes, it’s rude. She knows, and you too know that she is older than you. You don’t need to keep reminding her about it or rubbing the same in time and again. Treat her the way you would treat any other girl. She doesn’t need a son, so be careful about what you say and what you do. If you think because of her age she would only be interested in art galleries and museums, you are highly mistaken! Take her out on dates, fun nights, pubs or for movies and have fun just the way you would have had with any other girl.

7 Win over her fears:

Younger women might be more naive, but they have more youth and sex appeal. At least that’s what most older women feel. So in case you are seriously wanting to date someone older to you and thinking of taking things forward, the first the foremost thing, help her get over her insecurities. She might feel that someday you would be leaving her for some hot chick you find somewhere, and you need to convince her that, that is not the case. You are here to stay because you love her for who she is.