It is easier to give an important presentation to a client with confidence oozing out of you than during some action in bed. Even the most confident of men can feel the pressure to perform and please the right way, when in bed! So what’s the right way? Well, whether you are an experienced guy, or just a novice when it comes to sex, here are a few tips, which would always help boost your confidence level in bed:

1 Never overthink:

The bedroom is not the place where you can afford to waste time thinking, ‘will she like this?’ ‘should or should I not touch her there?’ It’s not a job or a project where you every step has to be thought out carefully and measured. Just go with that flow, rather let that animal instinct come out from inside you, where your only focus should be on enjoying, instead of dos and don’ts!

2 Don’t suffer from performance pressure:

It could be poison to your sex! Never set any parameter for yourself or imagine your lady expects so and so from you. Nopes. Women love to be made to feel special, so all you need is to focus on what she likes and what is pleasurable for her. Also, since every woman is different when it comes to things in bed with a new partner, you are as experienced as any other experienced man out there! Performance anxiety will not only take away the fun from the moment but may also lead to problems like Erectile Dysfunction.

3 Focus on pleasure:

Come on; it’s not a match that you need to win. The more you will find yourself, stress-free, enjoying the moment, giving and receiving pleasure, the more it is going to boost your confidence! Also, almost 75% of women don’t get an orgasm from intercourse alone. They need plenty of touching, caressing, fingering, and oral sex. Focus on those. See what makes her moan and shiver. What makes her lean towards you. These are the things to focus on. Seeing her loving what you do to her, is a big confidence booster in itself.

4 Ask questions:

Not everything that you did needs feedback. But sometimes even a moan or facial expressions give a clear indication that she just loves what you do. Also, instead of wondering what you did, did she like it or not, a smart thing would be to do two things and then ask her, did you like it better when I rubbed you or when I sucked? This way, you will get to know faster what she likes or prefers, and you can focus on them.

5 Go Slower:

Sex is something you should never rush to finish. It will just portray you as a selfish person who is there to fulfill his needs. Women take more time to get aroused, but once aroused; they can put the bed on fire. So go slow. Start with hugging, kissing, touching, exploring her body. When you take off her clothes one at a time, focus on that part of her body for the next few minutes. Also, the slower you go, the more she would be looking forward to you doing something more to her and what can be better than her telling you ‘please, keep doing this, I love it.’ It’s a significant boost to your confidence in itself.

6 Have a sense of humor:

It’s likely to make small goof-ups during sex. Like you guys might try a particular position and find it really funny or clumsy. Or you might lose your balance, or she might fart. Whatever it is, you have to have a good sense of humor. Looking embarrassed or serious as if on a mission to be accomplished is not going to help at all. Being able to lighten the environment when it becomes tense or embarrassing should be your cup of tea. That way, both of you are going to love every minute of your action, instead of worrying about what went wrong, why where and how!

7 Do a little research:

Reading up and getting knowledge is always helpful. It adds to your confidence. Read up on books discussing real-life sex incidents, advices on what turns a woman on, and how to master things in bed. It’s totally up to your discretion as to which advice you would want to apply and which not, in real life. But getting a little tip from the experts never hurts! It’s like going prepared for an exam. You never know what the questions will be, but you are confident that you have done your preparation well!

How to be more confident in bed