Turning on a woman might be more difficult than you ever thought! For men, some might get turned on by just imagining something hot! But when it comes to the fairer sex, mister, there is a lot of hard work involved. Unlike men, women get turned on slowly and get turned on at different things than those that turn you on! For example, you might get turned on seeing a woman in a thong even if you have never met her before, but seeing an unknown man in his brief, is rarely going to work for a woman. On the contrary, it can freak her out. But, seeing the same guy in a smartly tailored suit might just hit the nail on its head! So turning on a woman is an art in itself and let us guide you to do that all the better. Also, mister, you must have already read through plenty of cheesy tips like romantic music, candlelight dinner, and so on. But trust me, a real woman needs more than just these girly stuff to turn her on. Here are a few tips that would help you turn a woman on, more quickly than you thought you could:

1 Be attractive: By being attractive, we don’t mean you need to be Tom Cruise. We suggest there should be something about you that she finds incredibly attractive. Maybe the way you talk, the way you treat her, the way you dress or the way you carry yourself. Some qualities which are proven to attract a woman are, being spontaneous, being courteous, being positive, having your own identity, and always and almost being able to smile.

2 Be Sensitive: Women don’t get turned on just like that. Imagine her coming back home from a difficult day at work with piles of work lying for her to complete back at home as well and there you are, eagerly anticipating sex at the end of the day! Pretty insensitive right? You don’t expect sex from a stressed-out woman, nopes, never! If you want to turn her on at all, get working mister. Help her complete chores, ask her how her day was, give her a gentle neck massage (maybe a passionate one) and make her feel loved and cared for. These are all things that turn a woman on much more than just a romantic kiss!

3 Make her feel special and sexy: Yes, this one works like a charm. Every woman loves to be made to feel special. And definitely sexy. Don’t be a miser with your compliments. Even if you come back home and find her in pyjamas with dishevelled hair, compliment her on something like how cute she is looking or her face is glowing or whatever nice thing you can think of. Women love to be appreciated, and these are small things that turn them on. Also, if you can manage to buy her a sexy pair of lingerie once a while along with making her feel great by telling her on how hot she would look in the same, then it’s just icing on the cake!

4 Cook together: Yes, it can be funny and sexy! If you are the one who doesn’t like spending time in the kitchen, better start heading there more often. If you thought holding a sword is what makes a man manly, try the kitchen knife! From kneading doughs to chopping veggies, men can look extremely attractive to women doing stuff with them in the kitchen. You can make it more romantic by sipping some wine while on the job, listening to some good music and sneaking in a kiss now and then. Trust me; the night ahead won’t let you down!

5 Sexting: This is a thing that works like a charm if she is already attracted to you and you guys have had sex before. You can try to set the mood for the night through some sexy messages right from the morning, like, how I am missing your smell, or longing to kiss those pink lips, can’t wait to have you in my arms and as the mood progresses so let the content of your lusty texts! Trust me; these texts will definitely pave the way for some good times ahead, ahem… I mean, in bed!. Mainly for two reasons. A, you are remembering her and B, you are remembering her the cute lusty way!