Orgasms, no matter how much they are talked about, are very personal and different for each individual. Men are curious about masturbation at a very young age, and so the concept of orgasm isn’t too new during their teenage years. Orgasms feel good no matter what, but are different as men get older. Most men are uneducated about orgasms, the benefits of them, and how to make them more pleasurable. Every man should know about their orgasms so here’s the sitch:

(1) It has been said that orgasms can decrease stress, make you happier, and even increase your sleep time. This is because, during ejaculation, the hormone prolactin is released. Oxytocin, on the other hand, is released during an orgasm and can decrease pain, such as migraines. Increased frequency of sex can reduce rates of heart disease( and prostate cancers ( along with helping with mild illnesses.

(2) Here’s a surprise, orgasm and ejaculation are not the same things: Each of the pleasurable moments can happen independently of each other. Body part science says that orgasms start about 7 seconds or so before you ejaculate, and then can continue for up to about 20 seconds.

(3) Calm down with the masturbation; the real thing is better: It is not to say that masturbation isn’t healthy, but it isn’t always a good thing either. External stimulants such as porn allow your body to be comfortable to orgasm during that time, making the real thing a game-changer in the wrong way. Most of what is done during masturbation can’t be rehearsed and performed with a partner. With a body conditioned to ejaculate only to masturbating stimulants, you might cum sooner during the real thing.

(4) You can go more than once: There are techniques that, when practiced, allow men to be in so much control of their orgasm, and it involves the strengthening of the pelvic muscles, specifically, the pubococcygeus muscle (PC) that is located between the testicles and anus. Kegels is a great exercise that involves the voluntary contraction of the PC muscle 10-20 seconds, a handful of times a day. This is the muscle that men would use to stop the stream of urine - it’s an easy way to understand Kegels without demonstration. Stronger PC muscles can lead to men lasting longer in bed and having better orgasms.

Sex invokes primal instincts, and so affects the mental space and physical attitude of a man. Men need to understand what orgasms are, how to better them to help their sex life, and why it helps with health concerns. Although these are only 4 of the many biological facts that men should know about sex and how their parts work and contribute to the act and their pleasure senses. Men can and should take control of their sex lives; it’s not always about pleasuring women. Understand the full potential of your orgasms.