Most people think ‘aftercare’ as a post-injury process or the precautions that need to be taken after getting a tattoo, piercing or any laser surgery. But how many of you can connect this term with sex? Quite a few for sure! It is not difficult to understand that after a great round of sex, it takes our body some time to get back to its average level.

No matter how badly we wanted that rough intimacy to take place and how much we enjoyed it, the adrenaline level needs to come down. This is where aftercare comes into action. Sexual aftercare is essential for two significant reasons. Firstly, the physical trauma that body experiences during sex. A lot of sex experts claim that even if we enjoy having sex, it gives a physical trauma to our body. We may not feel its presence, but it is the same thing that makes us feel tired after sex at times.

Secondly, indulging in kinks like BDSM, role-play, fetish or just rough sex can push the psychological boundaries of both the submissive and dominant partner. A relaxing shoulder massage or comforting cuddle can help you and your partner’s mind and body to return to equilibrium.

Introducing the process of aftercare in your relationship is not as hard as you might think. You have to follow the basic rule of good sex life- communication. Talk to your partner about aftercare and why you feel it should be a part of your sexual routine. Please discuss with your partner what makes them feel relaxed and what makes you feel pampered.

As partners, it the duty of both of you to bring each other out of the ‘sub-space’ and ‘dom-space’. Though aftercare is a common practice post BDSM, it is crucial to incorporate it after all kinds of sexual encounters. Leaving your partner unattended after the deed is done is an unknown attack on their emotional well-being.

Sex is not only about a wham-bam hour in the bed. It is a pleasured experience that two people share. And both of you must acknowledge the experience through aftercare. After all, an orgasm feels even good, if paired emotional well-being.

Sexual aftercare: What is it and why you should do it