Dating is no easy game. Even keeping your profile and updating your status on different apps is a full-time task. And if your friends/ peers introduce you to the dating game. And finally when you do like someone and have a flying start, there’s no guarantee that it will be plain sailing.

Even in a new relationship, here’s what you should be wary of:

  • Be jealous

Though it’s always flattering to have a new partner who’s jealous of you, it can get claustrophobic after a while. Jealousy is accompanied with controlling behavior — which can be annoying. You cannot know or be aware of where your partner is, who they are texting, etc. The last thing you want is have your partner complain about you being jealous. You should not comment on who’s “bad” for your partner. Do make suggestions, but stay away from being over assertive or indulging in any kind of abusive behavior.

  • How you interact with others?

While everything’s just perfect in paradise, you don’t have the right to be critical or make harsh comments about others. Mannerism and attitude towards others is what your date keenly observes -- how you interact with people around you. Be it a steward serving you dinner or a friend or just a random stranger too. Your behavior in public and private reflects how you would act at some point in the future too.

  • Don’t be flaky

While you try to shield your disappointment over a canceled date — repeating the same can be disheartening for anyone in a new relationship. You want to see a certain amount of excitement and affection in the early few weeks of your relationship. A person who’s flaky is usually disconnected from social norms and tends to be wacky and unconventional. But it doesn’t give you the right to take people for granted. If you are already doing this now, your partner would assume the situation would get worse later. As a result, they would just want to put the relationship to an end and be with someone who’s willing to make that effort.

  • How you talk about your Ex

On your first or second date, it’s best to not talk about your previous relationships. There’s plenty to talk about so why talk about water under the bridge. But if the topic does venture there, be casual about your ex. Avoid negative or sarcastic comments — and no explicit details please. Don’t make comments like all you ex’s were crazy. If just indicates there is something seriously wrong with you! Rather if your partner is talking about their ex, listen carefully without rebound filing or being judgmental. You want to see if they are still hung-up on them. There will be plenty of time to discuss what a jerk or **** your ex was — just not on the first few dates please!

On the whole, be your cool, casual self with a dash of humor. Avoid being over-pretentious and you should be on your 3rd or 4th date soon.