If a question is asked about the number of sexual partners one has had, well, a study says the answer will entirely depend on your gender. As per past sex surveys, men are more likely to report more numbers of sexual partners than women.

To understand the gender-gap, U.K. based researchers examined over 15,000 responses submitted by men and women aged between 16 to 74. The survey results showed some surprising facts with men agreeing to have had 14-lifetime sexual partners on an average as compared to women agreeing to have had seven.

However, another study claimed that men and women are not honest about their sexual activities. The research conducted over 2,000 men and women says that women's most famous lie is to reduce the number of partners they have had sex with, while men's popular lie is to disagree with any claims of cheating on a partner.

Men's other most common sex lies included:

- increasing the number of partners they have slept with

-saying I love you without meaning it

- denying to have watched porn

- denying to have fantasized sex with other women,

-and appreciating their partner's appearance by giving fake compliments.

44% of men who took part in the survey revealed that they had lied about sleeping with multiple partners, and they loved to exaggerate the total number of partners in their lives due to peer pressure and their attitudes towards sex. However, men said they didn't reveal their past relationships to their new partner to avoid facing backlash or break-up.

A lot of interesting lessons can be drawn from the above stats:

  • If you are a man or a woman, stop lying about your sex life.
  • Honest communication is the key to long-term and healthy relationships.
  • Stop pretending about how innocent or naive you are. Be real and say who you are and what you do to at least your partner.
  • Playing with others' feelings by not being yourself is like playing with fire in a relationship.

So, rebuild trust with yourself and your partner and practice getting comfortable with your life's truth.