Sex for men is never almost painful, unlike women. Many times men feel that their partners are just not interested in sex, unaware that the problem could be discomfort experienced during sex, that comes from a very dry vagina. Generally, a vagina produces lubricants which help in sexual activity, naturally. If this doesn't happen, however, it ends up making sex a painful and unpleasant experience. Using artificial lubricants is the next best option. So keeping a lubricant handy is always a good idea, trust me!

Now last longer, too...

It is a myth that only elderly women or those post-menopause face vaginal dryness. As per data at least 17% of women aged between 18 to 50 years experience some kind of vaginal dryness during sex. To top it off, most women feel uncomfortable discussing the same with their partners, or at times, even with their doctors, making things more difficult inside the bedroom and also in the relationship. Just adding a simple lubricant to your sex regime can make things much smoother, literally.

As per a 2013 study which was conducted on 2453 women, it was found that 90% of women felt sex was a lot more pleasurable, comfortable and better while using a lubricant.

Proper lubrication makes sex feel more pleasurable for men as well. Older men require more genital arousal and stimulation to get an erection. A lubricant not only helps heighten arousal but also helps increase sensations during sex, making it more enjoyable.  Also coming to foreplay, foreplay that includes lubricants, makes it more satisfying for both the partners. For men who are unable to achieve an erection strong enough for penetration, lubricants help make the sexual experience better. So which should you choose? Here are some types that you can pick up, based on your requirements and those of your partner:  

Water-based lubricants:

The most popular choice of lubricants for several reasons. Firstly, women like it more because it feels closer to their natural vaginal lubrication. Secondly, it gets easily absorbed, doesn’t leave stains and keeps the vagina soft and moist. Thirdly, it's very easy to wash off. Other advantages are that it is inexpensive and compatible with silicone sex toys. Moreover, in case you ingest it in very small quantities, it won't cause problems. Although, most water-based lubricants contain glycerin which might not be suitable for individuals prone to yeast infections.

Silicone-based Lubricants:

These last longer than the water-based lubricants, can be used in water, and are absolutely safe for use when complemented with latex condoms. If you prefer adding silicon toys to your sex life to spice up the fun, however, these lubricants are best avoided since they damage surfaces of silicone toys. If you are using a silicon-based lubricant, preferably use one that is free of preservatives, is dermatologically tested and one that's moisturizing.


Petroleum-based lubricants:

These are not a popular choice with many couples, since they not only damage condoms and latex toys, but also lead to vaginal irritations and yeast infections by affecting the pH balance of the vagina.

Oil-based lubricants:

A long-lasting choice, thicker and creamier. They not only provide additional protection, but are also suitable for an intimate massage all over your partner's body. Although, they are great for masturbation purposes, being condom compatible is not their strong suit.

Misters- keep in mind that certain lubricants may affect sperm production. Hence, if you plan to use one while trying to conceive, make sure it's sperm friendly and doesn't hinder yours and your partner's chances of getting pregnant. Buying a lubricant that comes in a tube or lubricator is a smart choice for easy and mess-free application. If you're using your hands, warming the lubricant up  with your fingers before applying it to the genitals is a pro-tip!

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP

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